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  This is the famous British writer Jane Austen masterpiece "Pride and Prejudice" in the opening section, leads some in the early nineteenth century England and on the value of the classic love story。

  As we all know, in Austin, in the novel by Quebec five daughters getting different treatment, shown township middle-class families of marriage for girls who love the different attitudes, which reflected the author I love the idea of marriage: the sake of property, money and the - The marriage is wrong; The marriage did not take into account the above factors also stupid。Therefore, she opposes the money for the purpose of marriage, also opposes the marriage lightly。 She stressed the importance of an ideal marriage, and the feelings of both men and women as the cornerstone of the conclusion of the marriage ideal。

  The story of Quebec heroine Elizabeth (Keira Terri) was born to a family of small landowners four sisters, Sister Jane Quebec, Quebec sister Mary, Katie Quebec and Laidiya Quebec。 Five sisters and a little monotonous quiet life along with the two young guys ing up and it is undeniable-and eliminate the waves。 Bin Heli healthy and progressive and rich Darcy (Matthew Mike Deng) is a good friend, became acquainted with the town lure of this home, "five", a beautiful and full of "Pride and Prejudice" love story。



  A piggy named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte became friend。 The future of this poor piggy is a delicious course of the Christmas' feast。 Though ever considering escaping, yet after all he is only a pig。 While Charlotte--although be viewed as small and insignificant--said, "Let me help you!" Whereupon she used her silk to weave words such as "Some Pig" and "Terrific" in her web, which are regarded as a marvel by human beings。 Those marvelous words alter Wilbur's destiny, and finally earned him a happy and peace future。 Nevertheless, at that moment, the life of Charlotte almost pleted its span…

  The most impressive episode of this book is the notable friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur。 A spider is a threat to a piggy at first glance, but loneliness suddenly makes Wilbur be familiar with Charlotte and surprisingly he found that this spider is extraordinary warmhearted。

  What impressed us deeply is the words "You never die, I'll save you!"by Charlotte when Wilbur was wailing "I don't wanna die! I don't!" To fulfill her promise, Charlotte devoted all her lifetime and asked no rewards, until the moment she died。

  Such kind of friendship is pure and clean, Only leaving the selfless love and pure kindness。 When this sort of emotion has already been lacked seriously in contemporary society, this story undoubtedly moves the readers。 Maybe every reader envies that Charlotte has a Wilbur, and Wilbur has a Charlotte。

  The word "Goodbye" has already gone with the wind, acpanied by her silk, only leaving a Charlotte's web in everyone's heart。


  Jane Eyre—A Real Beauty

  After reading Jane Eyre, I think Jane Eyre is a great woman。 Through a serious of troublesome situations between Jane Eyre and Mr。 Rochester, the author set up a great female image before readers: insisting on maintaining an independent personality, pursuing individual freedom, advocating equality of life and being confident before hard conditions。

  Her early life at Gateshead was terrible, everyone seems harsh on her。 She survives her parents at an early age, and has to live with her ugly aunt and three cousins。 She suffers large quantities of bad conditions that others may not experience。 However, she does not give up in despair, she does not destroy herself mentally, instead, Jane Eyre is filled with unlimited confidence, and she is a strong spirit, a victory over the inner personality。

  She is then forced to send to Lowood Institution, unfortunately, life there turns out to be terrible, too。 She is still under physical and spiritual punishment。 Mr Brocklehurst insults her to be a liar before all pupils and teachers。 But there she meets one sincere friend Helen Burns and one sincere teacher Miss Temple。 They always treat her well。 She then behaves very well and get many people’s recognition。 Six years later, she makes a teacher there。

  After two years teaching life at Lowood Institution, she plans to leave there to pursuit her own life and happiness。 She was in a position of governess through a letter from Thornfield。 Her life was totally changed after that。 There she met a lovely girl, Adele and her master, Mr。 Rochester。 She has a special feeling about them。 With the development of the plots, Jane Eyre succeed a large sum of money from his uncle, and through all bitter things which was caused by Rochester’s wife in Thornfield, Jane Eyre and Mr。Rockester finally get married and lead an ideal life。

  I think Jane Eyre is an autobiography of Charlotte Bronte。 Although the story is made up, the heroine and people's life and the environment in the story were taken from the details of real people around and experience。 Charlotte Bronte described a young girl’s struggling life to express her inner thought: everyone is equal regardless of his or her gender。 The uniqueness of Jane Eyre is not only lies in its truth and the strong artistic appeal, but also lies in the particular female image。 The love story of Rochester and Jane Eyre vividly shows the fire of passion and sincere heart strongly reveals their notions of love。 She looks down upon the upper class who only use their power to do what they intend to do and laughs at their stupid to show her independent character and beauty dream。

  In the actual fact, she wasn’t pretty, even herself knows that, and of course, the ordinary appearance make others have bad opinion on her, even her own aunt dislike her。 And some others even thought that she was easy to look down upon and tease, but she was totally much more than “the plain and ugly tutor”。 And as a little governess she said to her master: “Do you think my poor, obscure, plain, and little has led me to be a soulless and heartless person? You have done a wrong thing!”Underneath these lines sees the equality of human in Jane Eyre’s mind。 She has affection towards her master, Mr。 Rochester, but when she finds that he has already had a wife, she leaves him and her love place without consideration。 Although God did not grant her a beauty and wealth person, instead, God gave her a kind mind and a thoughtful brain。 Her idea of equality and self-respect impressed us extremely much and make us feel the power inside her small body。

  In my mind, a person’s beauty on the face can only make others feel that he or she is attractive or charming, if his or her mind isn’t the same noble as the appearance, beauty of this kind cannot last for a long time, because other people will one day find that the beauty which had charmed them was only a superficial one, it’s not sincere, they will not like the person any more。 For a long time, only a person’s great virtue, a noble soul, a beautiful heart can be called as an everlasting beauty, just as Albert Einstein said: “A person must be held accountable for their biological survival or all of the meaning or purpose, from an objective point of view, I think it is ridiculous。 Everyone can have a certain ideal, which determines the ideal and his efforts to determine the direction。 In this sense, I never easy and the enjoyment of life as an end in itself, the ethical basis of this, I call it the ideal pigsty。 I lit up the road, and continue to give me new courage to face up to the

  pleasure of the ideal life is good and the beautiful and true。 If it were not for like-minded between the warm feelings, but focus on the objective world, the arts and sciences in the field of work will never reach the target, and then it seems to me that life would be empty。 There are efforts to pursue the goal of the vulgar - property, vanity, luxury living, I think it is despicable。”

  Now I get a better understanding of what real beauty is, as we are all human-beings, so we should distinguish whether a man is noble or vulgar。

  Jane Eyre’s story makes me thinking about our future life and I learn much from her experiences, I know everyone will have a better tomorrow if one holds his beliefs, regardless of one’s status and the situation he is in。



  Shakspere (wrong spelling) created Hamlet--a man with wisdom and courage 。In order to revenge on his uncle for killing his father, he pretented (spelling mistake) to be mad and suffered a series of misery。 On the contrary, we can also say that Hamlet is rude and selfish for he did not think twice before his revenge 。 if (Capitalize "If" since it is the beginning word of the sentence。) a country has no king, how can a country keep alive (You need a question mark here since it is a question。) So, every thing has two sides, the bright side and adumbral side。 Every time we make a decision we have to think twice。


  Be careful with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation。 Too many uncessary mistakes。[由Www.SengZan.Com整理]

  It is good that you looked at both the dark and bright sides of Hamlet。 Thats quite objective and convincing。



  Many people often use "mental illness" to scold one another。 It is obversely that people always have some social prejudice on the "mental illness"。

  In many cases, psychopaths always refuse to be given medication。 No one can deny that it is disbeneficial to them,but the problem is not so simple。We must realize that the enforced behavior against the respondent's will ,such as injection of mind-altering drugs ,is highly offensive to their dignity and autonomy。 To some sufferers, the word "normal" is so boring,they really hate this,and I have to say that they also own the right to stand on their dignity!

  As a final ment, I should say that no matter how terrible the people may be, they should be entitled to make decision and there is on doubt that prejudice should be avoided in society。



  Let me tell what I feel after reading the great work Jane Erye。I was really move by Jane Erye after closing the book。What a kind and good woman!Mrs Eyre had a heart of gold。She really loved everyone around her,and gave others help sincerely。She respected herself and did her best to do everything。I really love her。She are both a great teacher and a good friend of mine。Sometimes when I am confuse,I will think of her。I will imagine what will she do if she is I。Why not read Jane Erye my friends!

  I've just fininshed reading the first 4 Harry Potter books for about the 5th time through, and they're just as magical and affecting as they have ever been。 Everything is in here: suspense, adventure, mystery, humour, danger。 There's even some pretty satisfying paybacks。 The characters are fantastic and fantastically realistic。 There are bad people who turn out to be good guys and good people who turn out to be bad guys, just like life。



  The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway’s most enduring works and may very well bee one of the true classics of this generation。 It played a great part in his winning the Pulizer Prize in 1953 and the 1954 Novel Prize for Literature and confirmed his power and presence in the literary world。 Hemingway is also one of my favorite writers。 Besides The Old Man And the Sea, I have read some of his other works, such as The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms and The Snow of Kilimanijaro。 But The Old Man and the Sea is the one that left the deepest impression on me。

  This novel mainly wrote one old person alone in marine fishes。 He fished one big fish, tied up the fish head and the upper part of the body side the boat above。 But he met the shark fish, the old person causes all one's skill and the shark fish fight, the shark fish the fish flesh which could eat all eats finished also has about 800 pounds。

  This book promulgates the truth, not showed the person how regardleof, most feared is does not have the confidence。 The confidence is just like is the automobile motor, is power which the person goes forward。

  I first read this book when I was in my fifteens。 And now I remember it just as well as if I had read it yesterday。



  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is where Harry Potter and his friends learned about magic。

  Main Characters:Harry Potter is an 11 year old boy who’s parents died, and he goes to Hogwarts。

  Ron Weasley is an 11 year old boy who has 5 brothers and 1 sister, and he goes to Hogwarts。

  Hermione is a 10 year old girl who likes learn a lots , and she goes to Hogwarts。

  Quirrell is Hogwarts’s teacher,Voldemort’s helper。

  Voldemort is an evil guy of the magic world。

  Climax:Harry never thought Quirrell was helping Voldemort。 Quirrel cought Harry and let him to get the Philospher’s stone, but when Harry got it, he didn’t give it to Quirrell, and Voldemort came out,from the back of Quirrell’s head!And Voldemort orderd Quirrell to catch Harry and get the stone, but when Quirrell touched Harry, his body dissolved,and then he died。

  Conclusion:Harry defeated Voldemort, and the year has finished,it’s time for the school cup,Gryffindor was in last , but 4 more things let them win!

  First is for Ron, because he play the best game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years,he got 50 points。Second is for Her mione,for the use of cool logic in the face fire,she got 50 points。Third is for Harry, who defeated Voldemort, get the stone, he got60points for that!Last, for Neville,he got 10 points for his moxie,and Gryffindor won!



  Recently, I read Helen Keller's autobiography, "Three Days to light ", so that really touch me。

  "If my sight for three days ", focuses on the troubled life of the also blind and deaf Helen Keller, and her mentality。 Her life only has 19 months of light and sound。 Anne Sally and the other teachers to help care for the sake of friends and family, Helen overe the difficulties of ordinary people can not imagine the pleted an academic of Harvard University , with excellent the results obtained a bachelor's degree。 She has always been mitted to the cause of the handicapped, four fund-raising to improve the living environment for people with disabilities, and to create educational opportunities for them。 She has traveled around the world, cheering for the disabled。 Eventually Helen became a prominent philanthropist, speaker and educator。

  This article gave me the greatest inspiration to correctly treat the difficulties are difficulties in everyone's life。 Encounter difficulties, do not be afraid to retreat, and to find ways to be difficult to overe, overe difficulties is also progress in the process。 The same time, there must be optimistic and positive good mentality。 Helen was a tremendous blow, and the face of difficulties, not plaining, but the optimistic attitude to face, to get confidence。 Good upbeat attitude is one of the important factors for success。



  this year summer vacation, i read the american well-known writer hemingway's novel " old person and sea "。 i extremely admire in the novel the senior fisherman's will, he let me understand one person certainly must have relentless spirit, only then could obtain successfully。

  the novel description is one year near sixty years of age senior fisherman, when alone goes to sea in one fishing, fished one big fish, actually did not pull。 the senior fisherman socialized several days after the fish, only then discovered this was the big marlin which one surpassed the oneself fishing boat several fold, although knew perfectly well very difficult to win, but still did not give up。 afterwards and further because in the big marlin wound fish fishy smell brought in several crowds of shark fish snatches the food, but the old person still did not hope like this to give up, finally highlighted encircles tightly, returned to the big fish belt the fishing port, lets other fishermen not admire already。

  when i read " the senior fisherman think: here to the seacoast really was too near, perhaps could have a bigger fish in a farther place。。。 " when, i extremely admire this senior fisherman, because he by now already projected on some fish, but he had not settled to the present situation, but was approaches the bigger goal advance。 again has a look us, usually meets one slightly is difficult, we all plain incessantly。 we will be the motherland future, will be supposed to like this old person same mind lofty aspiration, will even better pursue even better, the bigger goal。

  when i read " the big marlin start fast to gather round the young fishing boat hover, twined the cable on the mast , the old person right hand lifted up high the steel fork, leapt the water surface in it the flash, did utmost throws to its heart, one wail ended the big fish's life, it was static static floats on the water surface。。。 " when, my heart also liked together the big stone falls。 i extremely admire old person that kind do not dread, the relentless spirit, although knows the match strength is very strong, but he not slightly flinches, but is weles difficultly above。 just because had this kind of spirit, the senior fisherman only then achieved this life and death contest success。 we also must study senior fisherman's spirit in life, handles the matter does not fear the difficulty, only then can obtain successfully。



  A few days ago, I read read "The Little Match Girl," this article。 The little girl selling matches in the scene Danian Ye, deeply engraved in my mind。

  "Match, Match, who will match!" Sad little girl cries hit the street。 Despite this, no one to buy the girl a match。 Why should the little girl selling matches in the Danian Ye? That is because her family was too poor。 Look at the little girl, I think, is really a living hell, a life in paradise。 Danian Ye little girl who sells matches in the cold, but me? Years in the Danian Ye mother delicious meals for my doing, my sister urged me to the side try new clothes, the whole family played music with harmony and happiness。

  Corner, the little girl again and again to wipe burning match, imagine the "warm stove, the fragrant duck, the beautiful Christmas tree, kind of the grandmother。" This poor little girl, these are just a mirage, but it shows a little girl life, only the cold, hunger, pain and loneliness。 How long can she, like other children their own as their own should have all the ah! However, this should have all but pletely dashed。 And me? In winter, sitting nice and warm in the fire warming himself, his mother also made me rich and delicious meals; summer day, finish school work, they and the children enjoy it playing with the hospital, spread joy and laughter pound 。。。 。。。

  Why do I and the little girl the same age, living environment is different? This is because she was living under the capitalist social system, and I lived in a socialist system。 They where full of cold, heartless, we are full of warmth and love here。 However, sometimes I can not very well study hard, and it was to live in happiness, what happiness really ah! From now on, I have to pay close attention to time trying to learn cultural knowledge, we do not have to live up to, ah, to live up to our munity, our store for the future to build a better and work hard!



  The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery contains a fairy tale which concludes plentiful things。The first thing we can learn from the book is the innocence of childhood and love。Although disappointed by what his roses said,the little prince still loved them。In the weiter's opinion ,the roses stand for the pure love。

  As the prince growed up,he made a decision to explore other planets and leave his hometown,a planet which just one person lived in。When travelling in the other planets,he discovered that his rose is not the only one of its kind。There are abandunt kinds of roses in the garden,but he still held the opinoion that his rose is special "because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen" 。

  When he came to the earth ,another significant character ,the fox , teached the little prince to take his own responsibility bravely 。 What's more ,the fox is also the little prince's best friend and help with his understanding of the meaning of friendship。

  All the story is told by a piolet ,who is another hero in the tale and met the little prince in the Sahara 。At the end of the story ,the little prince died on the Earth with the piolet。

  The writer made the story from the child's view。Actually,what the prince said is what the writer wanted to said。The theme of the story is to criticize the human beings' drawbacks。As a alien, the little prince could see the human beings' disadvantages clearly。 In my opinion ,The Little Prince is more than a funny book written for the children。It is a kind of profound reflection of humans。Everyone finishing reading the book can form his thought in his mind。 Therefore,I'm sure it is worthwhile to spend some time reading the book calmly。



  This is a foreign masterpiece。 This story content is very wonderful , lets person have feeling very much after read it。

  This story has given an account of a little girl Mary who was self-abased has bee a lively , open and clear , clever girl's process。 During the period of this, she has known Diken and Colin。 Colin was a disabled ,but he has finally overe difficulties and saw the sunshine again with the help and encouragement of Mary and Diken 。

  That lets me feel Mary is a nice girl , because she can correct mistake, she is also eager to help people 。 when she knows Kelin is a disabled , she didn't laugh at him , but forts him on the contrary ,did things for him , and shared happiness and sadness with him。 Diken is a kind-hearted boy , because he went to give food to Colin when Colin was able to build again , he certainly is also a child lively and actively。

  But Colin and he are pletely different , Colin always gets angry, slightly no satisfactory will be furious。But he also has merit。 He is a persistent child , insists walking every day。 They three are just like one family, in harmony cheerful life of three people。 I also admire Mary very much , because she has given Colin courage , happiness and confidence 。 Having read this story ,I understood that carrying through firmly is victory no matter what we do。So we must work hard for our dream。







  The hero Holton, a plicated and contradictory young man, came into my sight with his mouth full of dirty words。 His cynicism caused a negative rebellion。 He believed that no one in the adult society was credible, all "false hypocrite", and he longed for simplicity and sincerity, but all was false and deceptive, and he was unable to change the situation, and finally promised and even fled to the real society。 In the real world, go to the backcountry to pretend to be a deaf and dumb person。 But he has a childlike innocence, a pursuit of a better life and a noble ideal。 In order to protect the children from falling off the cliff, he also longed to grow up as a "catcher in the wheat field", giving out the voice of "saving the children"。 In a word, he is a lonely and struggling man, but he is a man who demands the perfect man in the world and is helpless to yield to the reality。 The kind and uneasy situation of the contradictory man is jumping, bleeding, and my eyes full of sympathy。

  Holton's actions and speech actions are like the "he" that we have gone through: cynical, cynical, but conscientious and loving, Leng son, he always speaks aloud, sometimes aloud, his restless heart of youth。

  Reading novels, I seem to read the confusion and dissatisfaction of teenagers on their way to life。 Looking back at our current life, are there any struggles like Holton? There must be a lot of it。 The confusion of puberty must be faced。 Everyone in youth is probably Holton。 They walked through a lot of curves, narrow roads, dangerous roads, even cliffs, and then stood, sprint and run in a bitter struggle, and finally set foot on the road of life。 Perhaps hand and foot injury, perhaps head broken blood, perhaps exhausted, but finally will e over, his face has a firm smile。

  The catcher in the Rye is a twilight of youth's lost journey。 The confusion and loss of Holton are always the confusion and loss of the growing people。 I hope that the realities of Holton will correct the deviations in the journey, step on the right track, and walk on the journey of life。



  Read the red and black "is a time too long process, because time already gave writers and works most selfless and impartial judge, I like reading attitude to bestseller since can’t, and can’t be like that unbridled fiction was nonmittal on that。 I’m in with the mind talking with that era, the key is in history outside of the inquiry and thinking

  Lead me finish the book is gnaw its own great charm。 The authors from a paper simple criminal case showed that time data broader social screen, turn an ordinary criminal improve to early nineteenth century French bourgeoisie social system, make the level of the research history and philosophy。 Novel makes me see history books in curt inability to feel, that France and bourgeois big noble alternating the key period of ruling the condition。 I learn realistic works of another kind of artistic characteristics of the world of people - 1783 stendhal "soul dialectics"; This and I had from the high old man ", "ouye ni · lattice lang sets of Balzac in" the experience "caused a person’s circumstances" very different。

  The most dazzling encyclopedia is literary history famous characters, in SuoLeiEr natural is even higher, "civilian background, culture, as happened with the hostess governess, relationships, dew, the shot that lover, was sentenced to death" is his life’s skeleton, "pursue" happy "warm" and "perseverance and class differences revolt showed almost hero’s spirit is moving flesh and blood。 The author USES desalt material description and highlight the gimmick of mind tracking, it is to strengthen the impulse even in youth pursuit of "the hero’s dream" experience, this is the social form of resistance, but also for proudlly, our lost youth rebellion。

  For ambition in social reality when hampering only two choices: retreats or resistance。 Those small staff in advance, not all the youth is plaining life tedious withdraws person, they maybe mediocrity fortably was social forward eliminated。 Can continually establish a life goal, decided to achieve the ideal of life is and YuLianYou masculine-looking same protesters。 The era of course not wele false words as the method, but still need enthusiasm for life to oppose empty to live。 So, in the end even tragic except shows "personal rebellion won’t work" outside, the more practical significance in today’s society。

  Write so far, leads to the novel to a "firsts" -- made with DE pepe reina in even Mrs "spiritual love" and to connect with DE la Moore young lady "mind love" set each other off bees an interest。 Although the two aristocratic way of love, a very different deep, a frantic, they in these two basic points is consistent, that is: to this class of disgust, MenFa system and rebellious feudal。 Remember when julien jeanvier find their love is morphing into vanity said "I put their tools can be destroyed", after the detail is "a proud with malicious expression between the most sincere quickly replaced the most intense love, look。" The noble from miss is always slow as the tortoise climb, like life, with a loss of dignity method。 Evoked love Book two paragraphs of tragic love has always been with the progress of the upstart dominated and even inferiority in the suspect, until brought life shall be the end, love that broke the futility of primitive sparks, a illnesses。

  When I will put pen to write with consciousness, found that when the time already can feel with the time with a psychic reading the original pared。 I’m excited to gain against mediocre revelation, moved by those although distortion and still heroic love segments。 When someone mentioned "red and black", I can proudly in response to "I read" behind plus a "I also YanJuan meditation of"。



  Everybody has read a famous masterpiece - "treasure island", Treasure Island English reading。 The book revolves around an adventure story, in which a young man was born in a poor home to make a living in a hotel。 The boy is the hero of the book, Jim。 Hawkins。 He stumbled upon a map of a desert island where old pirates hid gold and silver。 So, he and other friends to discuss, with a group of seaman embarked on a trip to find。 But soon, they were a group of seaman mutiny, the two sides keen on the battlefield, they launched a thrilling fight with the enemy。 Finally, because all the efforts of the crew, charged to victory, Jim soon, they carried the wealth jubilantly with the home。

  Although I did not go there in person adventure, but in my mind, always emerge a picture, Jim his honest face always appeared in his side, he is so noble, kind, brave, he is always able to subdue the pirates, victory, he is so brave! When I heard him this sentence shaking shock, such as this one: we see the land that night, I was in the apple barrel, I heard you, John, and Dick Johnson。 - you, it is a Chinese, he is now at the bottom of the sea, I am still a little while, every word you said the report, the "treasure Island" in English reading。 As for the schooner? It made me cut off the ropes of the ship。 It was I who killed you on the ship。。。。。。 When I saw these, I was very shocked, a juvenile can have so much courage to say these, which I admire。

  Of course, I admire people who have a resentment of the people, such as Silver as the representative of the people, in their body are hypocritical, presumptuous, evil, they kill the lives of others for themselves, they do not feel guilty for what you have done, but more and more rampant。 Think of the money the brain is empty, finally only kill the idea, to a man's throat cut, run amuck。 Let my mind they all e out with a pair of ferocious terror ningxiao eyes with a seaman knife killed many people crazy, only for their own benefit and loss of humanity。

  Although the novel is genuine, his work embodies a sharp confrontation between good and evil。 I think the story warns us not to do anything selfish, because it is the wrong way in your life, and Jim is a kind of spiritual wealth represented by justice。



  The novel is a long time ago, there is a village, the village lived in the Mulan family, Mulan's father because of injuries in the battlefield, leg disease, retired at home self-cultivation。 However, when Mulan was in his teens, there was unrest in the country, and the enemy were preparing to attack the Great Wall under the Great Wall。 The emperor had to draft under the edict, each must have a man as young men went to the front to fight。 One of them was Mulan's father, her father Mulan in order to have the courage to Nvbannanzhuang Congjun father。

  The edict issued second days at home, Mulan came to the barracks, soldiers who did not know that she is a girl。 In this way, she began the camp life, day after day training, let her follow the rades in arms practiced a good Kung fu。 One day, sir。 The arrow at the top of the post, but no one can take it off, only Mulan continue to spend all night time, climbed to the top, with the arrow, also let the other side the soldiers to him to sit up and take notice。 Finally on the battlefield, they go, go, suddenly, a lot of the enemy rushed to them, it was in ambush。 Mulan see in front of the snow capped mountains and cliffs, and a gun on the snow capped mountains, is a great power, the avalanche enemy were all drowned in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers snow capped。 The chief was also swept away by the strength of the avalanche, Mulan in order to save him, be injured by ice, the general asks a doctor to e to her to pack up time, everybody discovered that Mulan is u

  nexpectedly a female。 Thinking that Mulan had saved her life, she did not kill her, and the army threw Mulan back to the capital。 Mulan found that there is no enemy killed in an avalanche, Chanyu alive。 Mulan hurried back to the capital, risking the death of the enemy, and telling everyone that the enemy had not died。 But no one believed her, just because she was a girl。 Unfortunately happened in the emperor to the executive reward, in a raid, the emperor was captured in the tower。 Everybody just believed Mulan's words, and worked together to save the emperor with Mulan。 The emperor wanted Mulan to stay with him as his minister, but she refused。 She wanted to go back to her hometown。 The Emperor gave Mulan Khan's sword, let everyone see this girl contributions to the country, the people and the emperor thanked her。

  I read the book, think Mulan is very brave, who is a great sin, but to her own father at all costs, really great。



  Its simple plot relates the misfortunes of the loyal Christian slave, Tom, who, deprived of familial love and affection and destined for the harsh life of plantation slavery, doesn’t rebel or curse God, but philosophically accepts his cruel fate。 He could leap overboard Cold River to save the drowning daughter of a wealthy white passenger who gratefully rewards the brave Negro by buying him。

  Tom seems destined, now, to live out his life in a pleasant New Orleans mansion, spending his days reading Bible aloud and singing religious hymns with the angelic little Eva。 But the child dies of tuberculosis, having first elicited a promise from her father to free the loyal Tom。 The father is killed , however, in a brawl before he can fulfill his pledge and his widow is forced to sell Tom, who bees the property of the heartless Simon Legree。 He soon learns how really harsh the life of plantation can be, but he remains true to his religious training, elated by his pious acceptance of God’s will。 Harassed by the evil Legree ,Tom displays his Christian charity by refusing to flog another slave 。Simon Legree may not own Tom’s soul ,but he can do as he chooses with the body, and he orders two of his slaves, Sambo and Quimba, to whip the unresisting Tom, whose only responses to the merciless beating is a plea to stop in order that Legree might save his own soul。

  On his deathbed, Tom charitably forgives the harsh Legree。 Ironically, he lives long enough to witness the arrival of his former master’s son, e to redeem the family pledge by buying him back and granting his freedom。

  The theme of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, for its all apparent simplicity, is representative of much of 19th century American fiction of the good man opposed by evil personified under the circumstance of slavery。

  What strikes me is Tom’s loyalty to his religious belief。 All of us has our own belief , it plays a most important part in our life, it supports us whenever we are caught in rough conditions ,it helps us get out of the dark to see the sunrise, it teach us how to adapt ourselves to different circumstances。

  Life is full of ups and downs; we should hold our belief to fight against them to realize our goals!



  For the two months of summer vacation, I want a full, so I had the pleasure of reading the famous French novelist Maupassant's "Boule de Suif"。 In addition to the book "Boule de Suif", there are other three stories, and I personally enjoy "Boule de Suif" this one。

  The contents of this paper is based on the background of the Franco Prussian War, the hero is a living in the bottom of society, discrimination of prostitutes, a French coach before leaving the territory, was a Prussian Officer detained officers asked Boule de Suif to spend the night with him, otherwise the coach will not pass, but the ball of fat for his patriotism, resolutely refused。 But with the car on the identity of the passengers for their own interests, in order to force her to sacrifice themselves, under the ruthless threat, suet ball was forced to make a choice, you saved。 However, when second of the passengers when the car Tian Yi, a ruthless alienate her, and she no longer speak。 As if she were a virus, she pletely forgot that her freedom was in exchange for her own sacrifice。

  The article with the succinct language, strong contrast, those people who have noble hypocrisy, elegant appearance of the ugly face to reveal the most incisive wonder about these hypocrites the resentment of the heart, beauty and ugliness of human nature to show up, impersonal, for the period of French politics, egoistic society let more, we should treat each other sincerely, people feel full of love and help each other under the atmosphere of society is very warm。 At the same time, we are lucky to think that we are not living in the extraordinary circumstances。 But if we do not know how to cherish, and people are wearing a "Mask", the way people are seeking whether can benefit from them, then our society will bee very dim, there is no laughter。 I do not want to see such a society exists, but also requires us to be honest with each other, trust each other and help each other。 Every little bit to build it up, if you plant the seeds you false display of affection, will only get baoqingguay

  i fruit。

  I believe that each person will be happy when he is sincere。 It's pathetic to wear masks and money related relationships, so we need to eliminate the barriers in good faith。 With sincerity to move around the relatives and friends, to create a harmonious, happy society! Let this world is full of love。








  Written in the first chapter of the book Pride and Prejudice is an extraordinary sentence of which even a person who has had only a brief look upon the book will not fail to receive a deep impression-It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife。 In terms of Sherlock Holmes, we’d better alter the sentence into “It is a fact universally accepted by readers throughout the world that an excellent book in possession of our famous detective Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly a masterpiece of all times。” Perhaps this is one of the most obvious explanations for the unrivaled popularity of “Holmes series” in the field of detective stories。 Overwhelmed by the remendations provided by my friends, I decided to take a look on this Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son originally published by Oxford University Press。

  As a whole, this book is about a case concerning the Duke’s missing son。 Arthur, the Duke’s son, was found out in a certain morning to have disappeared, acpanied with which was also the disappearance of the German teacher。 The school master Dr。 Huxtable then turned to the famous detective of the time Sherlock Holmes for help。 Realizing how tough and important the case is, Holmes immediately made up his mind to accept the case and followed Dr。 Huxtable back to Mackleton by train。 Having formed a rough idea about the wholle matter, Holmes probed into the case immediately and had a careful investigation of the entire area shortly after the arrival, during the process of which he discovered the body of the German teacher Heidegger。 Finally, primarily due to his prominent ability as a detective, he managed to unravel the mystery and obtained the twelve thousand pounds promised by the Duke。

  Having once started reading this fiction, I was pletely immersed in the mysterious story presented by the book。 As the saying goes, “Well begun, half done”。 At the beginning of the story, just like many other detective stories, the author gives us a brief description of the condition by the words of a client。 However, unlike other ones, this story first delineates the client’s strange behavior at length to indicate the severity of the incident in order to attract the readers to continue reading it。 As is known to all, vivid depiction is essential to detective stories since it can help the readers understand each figure’s characteristics and visualize the scenes, thus making the story more authentic and attractive。 Therefore, trying to present a “real world” to his readership, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the original “Holmes series”, has skillfully arranged the plots of the whole story from the perspective of Dr。 Watson, a character not so specialized in discovering the t

  ruth hidden behind the enigmatic happenings as Holmes but so loyal to Sherlock Homes as a friend that he always acpanies Holmes wherever he goes。 In this way, he elaborately depicted every scene and character in the book, Apart from the special start, the ending of the whole story, being dramatic but reasonable, is certainly an outstanding one。 After all, except the author himself, who knows that the Duke’s seemingly ordinary secretary is in fact the Duke’s bastard? In addition, who knows that the Duke actually has already been acquainted with the whole thing before Holmes solves this plicated problem? Yet, surprising as it is, this ending seems so natural that it fits all the plots of the story perfectly well。 While enjoying this wonderful story, I could do nothing but admire the wonderful design of this masterpiece as well as the author’s gorgeous writing skill。 Closing my eyes, I can even “see” the story happening just like watching a film。 Not until then did I understand why the Japanese cartoon film Detective Conan used this “Conan” as the name of its hero。

  As far as I am concerned, nothing is more admirable and surprising in the hero Sherlock Homes than his profound knowledge which has certainly assisted him a lot when he was studying the case。 Take the bicycle tyres for instance, Holmes actually is capable of recognizing 42 different varieties of bicycle tyres。 What’s more, according to his other stories, Holmes has studied different kinds of newspapers, cigarettes, people’s footprints and other special things as well。 Therefore, he seems to have the mastery of anything relevant to the cases he deals with。 Except for his illimitable knowledge, Holmes also specializes in arranging the facts in order and then finding the fact leading him to a GREat discovery or even the truth itself。 From his speaking “Every mystery has an answer”, we can readily shape the impression of a man with great intelligence and inflexible will。 In this case, after getting rid of unrelated facts, Sherlock Homes eventually grasped the clue and discovered the amazing fact。