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  经典英文读后感 篇1
  This story’s name is “The little prince”。 As it known to all, we will encounter a lot of difficulties, even hardships. Different people may have different ways to deal with them. After reading The Little Princess, I am deeply impressed by Sara’s way to deal with difficulties. The Little Princess was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a famous novelist and dramatist. Sara, the heroine of the novel, was born in a rich family. In order to get a better education, her father took her from India to London so that she could go to the best school. Because Sara was kind-hearted, generous and most of all—rich, she was loved by everyone. All went well until her father died in an accident. Everything changed completely. She didn’t understand why the teachers and classmates treated her so badly. Even the principal who used to be fond of her, made her work 16 hours a day. Sara’s miserable life began.When I finished reading the book, I was shocked by what the unimaginable pain Sara had suffered after her father’s death. She used to be a happy, worriless, and rich Princess, but now she was a lonely and poor servant. She had to work very hard without any rest but only had little food. Besides she had to endure the unfriendly and even rude ways that her classmates treated her. All teachers and students in the school looked down upon her. The most important fact is that Sara had lost the love and care of her parents.What a mighty pain! If you were Sara, could you stand such pain? Needless to say, an 11 years old girl, even if it were an adult, he might not put up with it. But to my surprise, Sara faced it bravely.

  Despite of the torture of the principal and all those pressures above, she still was optimistic towards life. By reading this novel, I felt inspired and think much. When we meet such difficulties, what should we do? Some people always complain that the fate is unfair to them. Some people can’t sustain the hardships and choose to give up. Few of them even try to commit suic ide because they lack the courage to overcome it. Compared with Sara—an eleven years old girl who can treat the pressure of life with optimistic spirit, these people’s performances are sounded so lamentable. Why can’t they make it?However, what impress me most are her characteristics and the thought of her “being a real princess.” This “real princess” does not mean luxury palaces, beautiful clothes and the apple of the others’ eyes, but being kind, generous and having good manners. It is unnecessary for “a real princess” to be strong in body, but she must be strong in will. Sara is a real princess in my heart all the time, whether she was rich and wore beautiful clothes in the classroom or she was cold and hungry in the attic, just because she had the good characters and kind heart. The story went on. Fortunately, a friend of Sara’s father found her and told her that her father left a great sum of money to her. I pray and believe that every good person in the world deserve a good result, and of course, we are the same.

  经典英文读后感 篇2
  Here I am sitting on a couch alone, thinking about what I have just finished reading with tears of sadness filling my eyes and fire of indignation filling my heart, which revived my exhausted soul that has already been covered by the cruelty and the selfishness of the secular world for a long time. It is truly what I felt after reading Oliver Twist, written by the prominent British author Charles Dickens.

  The resonance between me and the book makes me feel not only the kindness and the wickedness of all the characters in the novel, but what this aloof society lacks, and what I lack deep inside. These supreme resources I’m talking about right now are somewhat different from minerals, oil that we usually mention. They’re abstract like feelings, and some kinds of spiritual stimulation that all of us desire anxiously from one another —— love and care.

  Those charitable figures whom Dickens created in the novel are really what we need in life. They showed love and care to others, just as the gentle rain from the sky fell upon the earth, which was carved into my heart deeply.

  Mr. Brownlow is one such person.

  The other day he had one of his elaborate watches stolen by two skilled teenage thieves, Artful Dodger and Charley Bates, and thought naturally it was Oliver, who was an orphan and forced to live with a gang of thieves, that had done it because he was the only one near by after the theft had taken place. Being wrathful, he caught Oliver, and sent him to the police station where the ill-tempered, unfair magistrates worked. Fortunately for him, Oliver was proved innocent by one onlooker afterwards. With sympathy, Mr. Brownlow took the injured, poor Oliver to his own home. There Oliver lived freely and gleefully for some months as if he were Mr. Brownlow’s own son. One day, however, Mr. Brownlow asked Oliver to return some books to the bookseller and to send some money for the new books that he had already collected. The thief Oliver once stayed with kidnapped him. After that he disappeared in Mr. Brownlow’s life. Searching for a while, Mr. Brownlow had to believe the fact that he had run away with his money. But dramatically, they came across each other again a few years later. Without hesitation, Mr. Brownlow took Oliver home for the second time not caring if he had done something evil.

  Perhaps most of us would feel confused about Mr. Brownlow’s reaction. But as a matter of fact, this is just the lesson we should learn from him. Jesus said in the Bible. “Forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven.” Why is that? Because forgiveness is our ability to remove negative thoughts and neutralize them so our energy may be spent on doing what we came here for. We cannot move forward in our future if past issues cloud our thinking. Stop put Mr. Brownlow into the list of your models. Always give people a second chance no matter what they might have done. That’s also a substantial part of loving and caring others.

  Charles Dickens said:“Love makes the world go around.” These immortal words have inspired and will keep on inspiring us to chant the melody of love and to say the prayer of care forevermore. Let us, therefore, enjoy life and treat other people lovingly. These principles are the roots and foundations of beliefs supporting this article and our mission together.

  经典英文读后感 篇3
  Let me tell what I feel after reading the great work Jane Erye.I was really move by Jane Erye after closing the book.What a kind and good woman!

  Mrs Eyre had a heart of gold.She really loved everyone around her,and gave others help sincerely.She respected herself and did her best to do everything.I really love her.

  She are both a great teacher and a good friend of mine.Sometimes when I am confuse,I will think of her.I will imagine what will she do if she is I.Why not read Jane Erye my friends!

  经典英文读后感 篇4
  Ive just fininshed reading the first 4 Harry Potter books for about the 5th time through, and theyre just as magical and affecting as they have ever been. Everything is in here: suspense, adventure, mystery, humour, danger. Theres even some pretty satisfying paybacks. The characters are fantastic and fantastically realistic. There are bad people who turn out to be good guys and good people who turn out to be bad guys, just like life.

  I think the thing I like best about these books is the message that its okay to be different - to be not "normal." I would love for everyone in school to have hear that message. It would probably reduce the bullying around the school.

  These books value real thoughts. Much has been made of Harrys rule breaking, but only once in the series so far does he break a rule for arbitrary personal gain. Most of the time he makes a decision that whats right is more important than whats written. And you know what? Lifes like that sometimes. I think its great that kids are getting an example of how to do whats right even when it involves breaking rules. The Potter books also show that there are consequences for rule breaking. If not getting caught and getting a detention, then a spell going wrong and someone getting turned into a cat. This shows that when you make a decision to go against the rules that things may not go as you expected and you have to take responsibility for the outcome.

  经典英文读后感 篇5
  "Old Man and the Sea" to shape the success of a classic tough guy image. It is also the author of Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Cuba said the book is a Fisher the to Santiago a man fishing alone in the 84 days after nothing caught a Marlins immeasurable. This is also the elderly have never seen more than heard of his boat two feet longer a big fish. Great efforts are also big fish pulled the boat drift for a whole two days and nights the elderly in the past two days and two nights have never experienced the hardships endured the test and finally the big fish to death tied to the bow. However at this time has been in the midst of the sharks the elderly and the sharks were life-and-death struggle the result of a shark or a big Marlins finished the old trailer home last only a bare skeleton of the fish.

  Hemingways why the elderly did not let the final victory? Novels in the words of the elderly: "A person must not be defeated born" "people do can be destroyed but can not be defeated." This is the "Old Man and the Sea "philosophy would like to reveal. There is no denying that people will be as long as it is flawed. When a person is to recognize the shortcomings and efforts to overcome it and not to succumb to it regardless of the final catch of the Marlins a complete or an empty frame which have been does not matter because the value of a persons life has been Marlins in the hunt for the process of fully embodied. Have to strive for their ideals the struggle and I wonder if he is not a winner right?Fisher challenge is to own their own shortcomings and the winner of the courage and confidence. View from the secular point of view of the victory the winner will not be the last Fisher because despite his big win over the Marlins but the Marlins eventually let big sharks eat and he was just the bones of the dead with a big Marlins shelf back to shore that is to say the shark is the winner. However in the eyes of the idealistsFisher is the winner because he has not been to the sea to the big Marlins no compromise and surrender to the sharks. Beethovens music as the master said "I can be destroyed but I can not be conquered."

  Humanity is a powerful human beings have their own limits but it is because such a personFisher again and again to challenge the limits beyond them this limits the expansion of only one one times the greater challenges facing the before mankind. In this sense this Fisher Diego Sandinista hero regardless of the challenges the limits of their success or failure are always worthy of our respect. Because he gives us is the most noble of human self-confidence!

  Life itself is an endless pursuit. It is the road long difficult and full of ups and downs but as long as its own tenaciously to a brave heart to meet the challenges of self-confidence he will always be a real winner!

  经典英文读后感 篇6
  reading after a science paper

  These days , I am busy preparing my dissertation which is about web usage mining . I read some English papers and learnt much from them . And now , I want to say something about a paper titled “Web Usage Mining :Discovery and Applications of Usage Patterns from Web Data”.

  This is the first English paper I read about dissertation and gave me great help .

  This paper is a review about web usage mining. It introduced web usage mining in detail . Although it is a little old for it was published in 2000 , its contents are very useful today . It is organized according to the sequence of web usage mining and the six main parts are introduction which tells me what is web usage mining , the sources and abstraction of web data , the three steps of web usage mining , taxonomy and project survey , websift overview , privacy issues . The third and fourth parts are most important . It had a list of existing project about web usage mining which I saw many times in other papers , but this paper is the one creating this list . Besides , it has been referred for more then twenty times . As we all know that , the higher the referred number is , the more important the paper is , so I consider this paper to be an important and successful one in this region.

  In my opinion , the success of this paper dues to three reasons . The first reason is the profound computer knowledge owned by the authors . Web usage mining relates to many subjects , such as artificial intelligence , ontology , semantic analysis , but the most basic knowledge is computer science . The four authors are all professors of department of computer science and engineering in university of Minnesota . For myself , I am not major in computer science and I am not very good at computers , so I feel a little difficult to understand technologies used in this region.

  Second , they had read a large number of papers before they wrote this paper . There are fifty nine references listed after main contents . “Stand on the shoulders of giants” , this sentence tell us a truth : one can never successful all by oneself . And what’s more , learn from others can save a lot of time and energy , especially for us new learner . How to learn from others is a skill all of us should master , but learning doesn’t mean copy or plagiary . Other people’s knowledge and production is just our foundation , upon this foundation , we must have our own thoughts and creation. There are many remarks in this paper where referred other’s production.

  Third , the authors had the experience of developing a web usage mining project . They don’t just engage in idle theorizing , so their comprehension on this issue is greatly profound. They know what we may meet in a real project development and they know how to resolve them . After reading this paper , I also read some other papers written in Chinese . Some of them are not based on real project and can not give useful resolution . Websift is the name of system they developed which can be used to data mining and analysis .

  I wrote this article not only because it gave me much help in preparing my dissertation , but also because it tells me how to study and how to do research . Honesty and preciseness are two essential making a researcher must have . Hard-working is the necessary condition leading to success . This is just the beginning of my dissertation , I should learn from these four authors , both their knowledge and their attitude to study.

  经典英文读后感 篇7
  "A tale of two cities" is one of Dickenss most important representative works.The novel profoundly exposed the society contradiction before the French Revolution,intensely attacks the aristocratic social class is dissolute and cruel,and sincerely sympathizes with the depressed classes.The novel also described many magnificent scenes like the revolt people attacked Bastille and so on,which displayed peoples great strength.

  The novel has portrayed many different people. Doctor Manette is honest and kind but suffers the persecution actually , Lucie is beautiful and gentle ,Charles is graceful and noble,Lorry is upright and honest ,Sydney is semblance of indifferent, innermost feelings of warm,unconventional but also selfless and lofty,Miss Pross is straightforward and loyal,Evremonde brothers are cruel and sinister......The complex hatred is hard to solve, the cruel revenge has made more hatreds, loves rebirth in the hell edge,but take the life as the price.

  As an outstanding writer,in Dickenss work,the language skill is essential.Each kind of rhetoric technique,like the analogy,the exaggeration,the contrast,the humorous,and the taunt are handled skillfully,and the artistry of the work is also delivered the peak."A tale of two cities" has its difference with the general historical novel, its characte

  经典英文读后感 篇8
  This summer holiday,I made a good friend --- Robinson though ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE’. ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE’is a classical masterpiece which attracted me very much,and brought me much enlightenmet.I really lerned a lot of things from the eternal opus.

  The ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE’have been authored by famouse English writer---Defoe. It’s about dramatis personae Robinson who met a frightful wind while he sailed on the sea. He was the only survinal, but he drifted to a uninhabited island. He bravely struggled, industriously worked and combated with barbarians. Robinson lived alone on the island for 28 years. He experienced many difficulties and dangers.

  Robinson was a great person, he conquered countleand unimaginable hardships. If I stayed on a lonely island, I absolutely couldn’t vanquish dangers. I maybe would lose confidence for life. I respect Robinson very much, he is a real hero in my heart.

  He lived on the island for about 30 years without any food, tool or habitation. He must depend by himself. Robinson wasn’t afraid of hardships, he had the fortitude spirit .He was brave in adventure and was good at labor. He used his head and hands to struggle all the time. I admire his courge very much, because these were not easy, work at all.

  In fact, we also need the spirit of being undefeatalle indefatigable.

  Like Robinson. If we believe in ourselves, never give up and do we best, we must be successful!

  Robinson was a great miracle, he achieved mumerous. ‘impossible things’. ‘Robinson Crusoe’ was an immortal novel, because it gave us a courageous, intrepidity, diligent, indefatigable and wise ordinany person, a vanquish nature, a hero who exploited nature. The book is a really excellent adventuresome novel,

  There is no perfect life in the world, but we can change our fate. If we have confidences and work hard, we absolute will be victorious, and the most important thing is ‘Never give up!

  经典英文读后感 篇9
  Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit, Jane Eyre, a marvelous figure, has left us so much to recall and to think:

  We remember her goodness: for someone who lost arms and blinded in eyes, for someone who despised her for her ordinariness, and even for someone who had hurt her deeply in the past.

  We remember her pursuit of justice. It’s like a companion with the goodness. But still, a virtuous person should promote the goodneon one side and must check the badneon the other side.

  We remember her self-respect and the clear situation on equality. In her opinion, everyone is the same at the God’s feet. Though there are differences in status、in property and also in appearance, but all the human being are equal in personality.

  We also remember her striving for life, her toughneand her confidence…

  When we think of this girl, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply, but a huge charm of her personality.

  Her story makes us thinking about life and we learn much from her experience, at least, that is a fresh new recognition of the real beauty.

  经典英文读后感 篇10
  Here I am sitting on a couch alone, thinking about what I have just finished reading with tears of sadnefilling my eyes and fire of indignation filling my heart, which revived my exhausted soul that has already been covered by the cruelty and the selfishneof the secular world for a long time. It is truly what I felt after reading Oliver Twist, written by the prominent British author Charles Dickens.

  The resonance between me and the book makes me feel not only the kindneand the wickedneof all the characters.