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  I still remember the day when i first came into the campus with aflame mood and now i have adjusted to the colorful college life.I believe that almost every freshman has his own blueprint of the new college life. My college life can be described by three keywords:knowledge,communication and health.

  With reference to the knowledge,i plan to listen carefully in the class and spend most of my amateur time in the library. Maybe some people will think that it is unnecessary to spend too much time on study in the university but i don’t agree with them.i think study is the main task for students even if you are a college student and it is the best time to develop the self-learning ability in the university.

  In addition to the knowledge,i hope to acquire the strong social skills.To achieve the purpose, i decide to try to participate in some students’ organizations.Though i am a little shy,i will tell myself to be outgoing and self-confident.I believe there is a stage on which i can show myself. For students,a strong body is also very important,so the last keyword of my ideal college life is health. In order to build a strong body,i plan to get up early and do morning exercise every day. After dinner,i will take a walk to relax myself.

  Above these all makes up my ideal college life and i believe that the real life is anything more than these .I am firmly convinced that i will live a meaningful college life if i follow my plan step by step.

  Early in senior high school, we longed to be eolled in a university and dreamed of our college life.

  In my dream, my school is just like a fairyland, my college life is rich and colorful, is full of challenge .I believe it has varieties of out-of-class activities and clubs which I can take part in after class to make my life more interesting and make more friends. Of course, living in a comfortable capacious student dormitory with my new classmates is one thing that I am keen to. In the meanwhile, I hope that we have a common interest, play together with, and enjoy the fun of our college life. Besides, I often imagine my college has a big library where collects many different kinds of books so that I can read what I like and get a wealth of knowledge as well.

  From my point of view, great changes will happen between high school life and college life. At least, I am no longer in the same classroom. What’s more, college life,I think, is filled with much more freedom. In other words, I can have more time to do my own things. However, compared with high school life, I’m supposed to become more independent and more self-control to adapt to my college life.

  All in all, I’m sure that my college life is ideal if only I have abundant books to read, some bosom friends to keep me company, a couple of conscientious professors to instruct me, and an easy access to improve my abilities.

  Studying at university is my dream . I struggle for this goal for many years . In September this year, I become a student of South China Normal University ,and my dream has come true. I am satisfied with my college life ,but there are always some gap between ideal and reality.

  When I studied hard for the college entrance examination,many people around me encouraged me by describing the university life which will be Leisurely and No pressure .They always said that you would be liberated after the college entrance examination!!! In my imagination,I will have enough free time to do what I am interested in in my university .

  However , ideal is always different from the reality. Everyday ,I am busy with the Maths homework which DRIVE me crazy instead of listening music Under the avenue at dusk . And My life is filled with corporation conferences.

  A quiet afternoon to enjoy a book. In addition to these ,I always dont have enough sleep ,which makes me feel tired and Irritable .The real university life is busy and Stressed, which is different from my imagination.

  At the same time , the real university life is as wonderful as my ideal .My university provide us many chances to show ourselves .For example ,I can join the club to make many friends .And I can Broaden the horizon by taking part in a lot of Academic competition.

  Although there are some gap between ideal and reality,I will cherish my university life And make good use of my time in the university.

  In my understanding, if we refer to an ideal college life as a formal western dinner, then a high GPA, that is, Grade Point Average, should be the main course, while an active part in activities, together with associations, means the appetizer. Some romances, of course, play the role as desserts. They are the 3 key elements for an ideal college life.

  Those, however, are not what college life is all about. As we all know, college is wildly different from middle school. It connects not only adolescence to adulthood, but also the ivory tower to the real society. Therefore, the ideal college life is that I become matured both physically and mentally, and that I obtain qualified academic knowledge and get well prepared for society at the same time.

  Under this circumstance, I never expect my college life to be too ideal, or you can call it too perfect. It is not realistic to make all things on my own way, with everyone liking me, winning the first prize all the time, and so on. Of course, I’d like to lead a carefree life. However, this does little good to my future. What really helps is hardships like failure, betrayal, and unjust treatment. Only after experiencing those can I know what society is like, and what life is like.

  To conclude my speech, I wanna say, some positive experiences are surely part of the ideal college life. But, I should not forget about the negative sides. They are not less necessary.

  With time goes by, it becomes a bit hard for me to remember everything about myself at the first day of my college life. However, there was one thing for sure that I did feel quite excited and curious about my university. There is no doubt that students like me have struggled for a long time so that can be permitted to enter the university.

  Bringing with expectation, I got into Zhejiang Gongshang University. Generally speaking, its an interesting and fantastic place for us to study and live in. Every day a series of outgoing people get into my eyesight. Curious and out of politeness, Id talk to them heart to heart. Here I make friends with my new classmates from everywhere around China. Whats more, time and weather permitting, I will enjoy jogging or playing basketball with my classmates on the playground, tired but happy. When staying in dormitory, I choose to read news online and sometimes watch a film for relaxing. However, a good student can never leave his study behind. When it comes to study, hard problems never upset me, instead they arouse me. Rather than ignoring it, Id think carefully for a while and ask my classmates for help.

  To be honest, there are some things I don’t deal with properly. For instance, once I spent nearly a whole day playing computer games. Personally, we university students are already adults and its our obligation to develop ourselves in college by learning new professional skills. Not until we take a right attitude towards our study and life can we win a rich and colorful experience in college.

  As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study and student activities.

  Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.

  Secondly, student activities play an important role in our college life. To be honest, the student Union is a good place where one can develop social skills, get his abilities trained. I take part in many student activities. For example, I’ m a volunteer, teaching the kids to learn to dance and write. I think it’s meaningful for everyone to give a hand to others. I can also do some jobs in the Student Union, including receiving and sending fast mail, selling papers and magazines. I think they’re unforgettable and worthwhile experiences for me.

  In short, my life in university is busy but valuable. You can see that study brings me knowledge, student activities improve myself, library changes my horizons, the others things make me independent. They get all my abilities trained. And I see that the chance will come only if you have a prepared mind, so Im sure that I can achieve my dreams in college life. ’

  After entering college, we found, to our surprise, that differences between high school life and college life are great. In high school, we always depended on our parents and teachers to solve all kinds of difficult problems. At college, however, we have to rely exclusively on ourselves. Whats more, we have to learn how to get along with our classmates and roommates.

  Four years at college is an important yet very short period of time in our life. So it is always expected that we adapt to this life as quickly as possible. But it is a pity that not everyone can do so immediately. Here are some suggestions.

  First, get familiar with the main buildings on the campus. Spend one or two hours by yourself or with your classmates to go around the campus so that you can know the location of such important places as the library, the dining room, the post office, the clinic and classrooms. Next, try to be independent. Learn to do such things as making sound decisions on how to spend your time, how to spend your money etc, and washing clothes on your own. Furthermore, form good study habits. Talk with your classmates and learn from their good habits. Finally, try to take part in all kinds of activities to get out of your solitude and get on well with your classmates.

  In our real life, it is really a period of hardship for us to adapt ourselves to new school life. However, being active is of necessity and we will fall in love with the new life.

  As for me, my middle school life is made up of pressure and I feel quite busy. With the intention to be admitted into a key university, I often stay up late to prepare for the college examination, which leads to my tiredness and makes me feel stressed. In the same time, apart from endless homework, I am also occupied with a number of exams and exercises. So busy am I that I have no time to relax myself.

  In terms of ideal college life, it must be fabulous and provides me much freedom. What’s more, studying in a brand new environment, I have to form a habit of dealing with things by myself. With more freedom, it’s likely that I could devote myself to getting further education on the subject I like.

  As all those have differences between middle school and college life, I consider it necessary to get used to the new life quickly. Thus, with the expectation of having a wonderful college life, I must make an organized and detailed plan that I can stick to. Meanwhile, it’s vital for me to participate in various activities actively, during which I am supposed to make acquaintances with new friends and have a better understanding of the outside world as well.

  Hello everyone.Today Im glad to be here to give a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University.

  First I must say the campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high school.For instance,I used to lean upon my dormitory teacher to wake me up on time.But now I have to set several alarm clocks to make myself could hear them in the morning otherwise I would miss my class.And then even worse there would be nobody remind me except my teacher!So the differences are everywhere and I could easily find them.The change of life is great and its wonderful:I have more time of my own and the rights to decide how I live.

  My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity.I have kept on practising it since I was a little girl and I wish to win more competitions in my campus life.

  Our university has the first level equipments and the most experienced teachers,also has the best students(laugh).I consider it to be a honor that Ive got a chance to study here and I sincerely hope that we could live wonderful lives in our campus!