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  掌握学习方法的重要性 The Importance of Mastering How to Learn

  Learning how to learn is one of the hot topics in education at the moment。 In order to understand its importance, it is vital to understand the following two points。 First, we should not follow other students’ way of learning。 It is known to all that most students do not learn in the same way, they have their own ways to study。 We have heard from other excellent students, they introduce their way of learning, while for ourselves, we should adjust our methods according to theirs, but not follow them in all。 What’s more, many students do not take an interest in the process of learning and expect that by simply going to a lecture, for example, they will automatically study the subject matter。 It is impossible for them to learn better, they should work efficiently。 If students master how to learn, they will have a better chance to acquire knowledge。



  Skipping class is very mon on college。 Some students skip classes because they think that some courses are boring and useless。 However, in my opinion, there are always something value in each course we can learn。


  For one thing, each course has its knowledge we need to learn。 And knowledge between different courses is usually connected with each other。 If we skip a class, we will find it difficult to connect knowledge together。 For another, we can learn something from the teacher of each course。 Each teacher has his or her characteristics and holds different view towards matters。 Through attending classes of different teachers, we can not only broaden our horizon but also draw lessons from various methods of thinking and find out different ways to solve problems。 In addition, we can learn something from our classmates。 Those students who have never skipped one class but keep patient and concentrated on course are worthy of our respect and study。


  In short, we can always learn something value from each course。 Therefore, I suggest that we should attend each course as possible as we can instead of using different excuses to skip classes。



  为何网上教学流行? Why Is Online Learning Popular?

  Online learning has bee one of the fastest growing markets in the world, so far, the one who wants to learn can not only choose to a wide range of courses, but also educational institutes。 Though it is not possible for online learning to take place of traditional university education, online learning catches people’s attention。


  One of the main advantages of online learning is that students can make plans according to their schedules。 Today people live in a fast-pace world, most people have to work, they don’t have enough time to take a school course, so they need a flexible time。 Online study provides them such way of learning, people can learn after work, in this way, they won’t delay work and interrupt normal life。


  Another main advantage of online learning is that it enables people from different places to learn, it has no geographical restrains。 Not everyone lives close to the school, some people who are married and have children, they need to relocate themselves, so it will be every convenient for them to study at school。 Online learning enables people study any time, any where, they can set up a virtual lecture hall。


  In conclusion, online learning provides people a fast and convenient way to learn, it allows students to choose their schedules。 As the development of technology, online learning will be more and more popular。



  In the college, there are many students need to study together in the evening, it is what the school requires them to do。 Some students think it a good idea, while some prefect to study alone。 Study alone has both good and bad sides。


  First, study alone can make a student focus their attention highly。 Compare to study together, study alone means no one will bother you or ask you question, so you can study all the time without the worry that someone will interrupt you。 Study together always result in chatting, it is wasting time and getting distracted easily。


  Second, study alone also means no one will help you solve your problem。 When you study by yourself, you need to solve all the things yourself, if you have question about the study, you can’t get to fix quickly, you have to check on the puter, it takes time。 But if you are with someone, they can give their opinion and you will have more ideas。


  In all, study alone has disadvantage and advantage。 I prefer study alone, because no one can bother me, so I can focus more and work quickly。



  学习和玩耍 Study and Play

  Everyone has to study, going to school occupies a lot of people’s time, before they go to work, they need to study in the school。 In China, students work very hard, for they have a lot of pressure, they have many exams to take, so students are immerged into the books all the time。 While studying all the time is not good for students, they need to go out of the classroom and take in some fresh air。 The outside world is beautiful, they can play with their friends, watching movies, taking a break now and then。 Play can make study better, students can have new idea, so they won’t stuck in the unsolved problem。 Study needs to bine with play。



  语言学习策略 Some Strategies to Learn a Foreign Language

  Learning a foreign language is an enriching undertaking。 To make the most of your experience, you may need to develop some specialized strategies。 Here are some principles to keep in mind。

  1。 Language is more than a set of grammar rules。 Although structural accuracy is an important ponent of munication, you must also learn how to municate in a manner that is appropriate to the situation。 Likewise, in addition to building a large vocabulary, you will also need to learn ways of paraphrasing so that you will be able to municate effectively when you don’t know an expression or it has slipped your mind。 Body language and gestures are also important municative strategies。

  2。 Active language use is far more important than talking about language。 The ability to recite the rules of English grammar does not guarantee that you will actually be able to municate in the language。 Spend your time municating in the language, creating messages, obtaining information, listening for details and so on。

  3。 Don’t be afraid of making errors。 Errors are a natural part of the language learning process and no one can avoid them。 Do not let fear of making an error prevent you from municating。 Even if your language ability is not perfect, your message may be understood。 Of course, accurate use of language is an appropriate goal of language study。

  4。 Language learning is a long-time process。 Therefore you must have realistic expectations of your performance after one semester, one year, or several years of language learning。 Advanced proficiency is often best achieved after long period of practice and residence in a country where the target language is spoken。

  5。 Be an active language learner。 Study models, look for patterns, and make informed guesses, study idioms。 If you do not entirely understand a passage, do not ask for a translation immediately。 Make use of the language you already know or words that may be related to other words you know。 Although language learning can be hard work, your efforts will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of yourself and the global village of which you are a citizen。


  付出与收获 The Pay and The Gain

  Many years ago, the news that an Australian travel institution recruited a worker to guard an island, the worker could not only enjoy the sunshine and the beach, but also could get the very high pay in half a year。 People were crazy about the job, they wanted to be the worker。 Two years passed, people saw the news about the recruit, it was said that the lucky guy became the guider of the island, but he was not that happy, because he was alone in the island, which suffered him。 The high pay job always has the reason, as the saying that no pain, no gain, the high salary es from hard work。 Just like our study, if we want to do well, we must have to study hard。 The pay brings the gain, it is very fair。



  Diligence is the key to be useful。 "Are frequently pensated with good training, a hard points to", only diligent, can get good grades。

  Hua luogeng is due to the diligence, to bee a famous mathematician。

  Hua luogeng in jintan county, home is very poor in childhood, dropping out of school at home, very early to help his father miscellaneous shop for a living, but he never give up the pursuit of mathematics。 At eight o 'clock every night, go home after good accounts, to study their favorite mathematics, often study late into the night。 In this way, day after day, year after year's efforts, hua luogeng finally got a chance to, when in tsinghua university math department assistant, he is very cherish the hard-won learning opportunities, he like a duck to water, swam in the sea of mathematics every day, give yourself only five or six hours of sleep time, it is really hard to believe。 Hua luogeng even developed after lights out, also can the habit of reading。 He, of course, there is no specific function, is just a kind of logical thinking activity of the mind。 Under the lamp, he took a book and look at the topic to think for a moment, and turning in bed, close the meditation, start, to

  solve the problem in your mind run into difficulties, then turn off the bed, open the book for a while。 In this way, a book can see ten days, he you can finish it 2 days, otherwise can't sleep。 Hua luogeng who is considered the unusual assistant。 After studying so hard to learn, later, became a famous mathematician。

  We learn from hua luogeng, in the later study, should be hard work, hard work, so as to achieve good results。






  学习的任务Study Task

  I am studying in a middle school now, this is my second year。 Studying in the middle school, I have many subjects to learn, I always want to do the best, so I focus all my attention on the study。 My teacher tells me that I should not only focus on study, I should go out and take some activities。 I refuse to do what she says, then I get sick easily and I can’t focus attention。 So I learn to do some activities, I play basketball, I find myself really enjoy outside activities, what’s more, I keep my body well。 The study task is not only to learn knowledge from books, but also take exercise。



  In Chinese, people express modesty by saying that they gave all their knowledge back to the teacher。 This implies that the person never really owned the knowledge in the first place, but simply borrowed it from the teacher to pass the exam。 But it also implies that the person never cherished this knowledge, because he or she never owned it, and so they neglected it and eventually forgot it。 It's just like the difference between living in a dormitory and living in your own house。 No one who lives in a dorm takes very good care of it, especially the public areas。 But once you own a home, you make it beautiful and keep it clean because it has greater value to you。 This is pride of ownership, and what is owned is cherished。 What is cherished endures。

  As much as Chinese students appreciate their foreign teachers, they should not forget that responsibility for learning es from within, not from without。 The teacher cannot "give" someone English。 No one can "get" English from a teacher or from a book like one can get a cold。 Responsibility for learning can only e from the learner, when he or she freely chooses to own the quality of his or her learning experience, versus relying on borrowed knowledge from experts。






  写作业Doing Homework

  I am in the fifth grade, I study Chinese, math and English。 My teachers leave many homework every day。 After school, I stay in school doing homework about one hour。 I go back home, after I eat my supper, I start doing homework again。 I often sleep at eleven o’clock in the evening, because I have so many homework。



  We have maths class representative NiZhu beauty。 She is a studious students well ah。 The class she never do little tricks, hands still bold speech。 As long as open her homework, "optimal" must make you dazzled。 NiZhu beauty of Trinidad and Tobago, every time want to ask a clear, only willing to give up。

  Once, just class is over, NiZhu beauty is holding a job had asked me, she said: "Hu Hua, 'new' e ' 'how to write?" I wrinkly to knit the brows to say: "is the" mountain "" dashan" below to add a "killed" cut, very simple!" I think she will not to bother, was busy doing homework。 Can't more than half minutes, her moan sounded again: "that the" new "is what mean?" "Oh my god, you are not asked word? How about meaning。" I thought to myself。 Can't, she will love "what es next," don't understand the problems, will haunt you, to ask not to understand。 I took out the xinhua dictionary, she said: "I find myself, this record of prison!"

  On another occasion, at noon, I eat a meal to go to the classroom math。 Come to the classroom, through the window, I saw two or three female classmate in an empty classroom, the most notable is NiZhu beauty。 Zhang, when her thin lips bright big eyes with sparkly looked at reading the English book, oh ~ she is! I looked at her fortitude, dedicated attitude, can not help with respect。

  NiZhu beauty, I want to learn your hard working, I also want to learn your inquiring ask!






  外国学生到韩国学习 Foreign Students Studied In Korea

  Chinese education is always believed to be intense and inhuman, because so many children bury themselves in studying all the time。 The program for foreign students studied in China became hot issue, which attracts Britain people to keep searching the Asian education。 Now they make the plan to send three students to study in Korea。


  The three students contain different levels。 They lived with different roomates。 The first day they met the big problem of waking up。 They needed to get up at 6 o’clock, while in Britain they had class in 9 o’clock。 When they struggled to sit in the classroom, the teacher tested their level。 The foreign student with highest level felt hard to answer the question, while for most Korean students, they felt it was so easy。


  When the class was finally over, it seemed to be relax, but for Korean students, there was another class waiting for them。 Most of them needed to take training course just to improve their study until 10 P。M。 The foreign students couldn’t believe, they kept studying all the time and had no time to play。


  When they went back to their country, they felt so happy and lucky。 Asian students are thought to be smart, for they spend so much time to study。



  怎样成功学习一门语言 How to Learn a Language Successfully?

  Some people seem to have a gift for learning languages。 They pick up new words, master rules or grammar and learn to write in the new language more quickly than others。 They do not seem to be more intelligent than others, so what makes language learning so much easier for them?


  First of all, successful language learners are independent learners。 They do not depend on the book or the teacher; they discover their own way to learn the language。 Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find the patterns and the rules for themselves。 They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions。 When they guess wrong, they try to learn from their mistakes。


  Successful language learning is active learning。 Therefore, successful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for such chances。 They find people who speak the language and they ask these people to correct them when they make a mistake。 They will try anything to municate。 They are not afraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things; they’re willing to make mistakes and try again。 It is more important for them to learn and think in the language than to know the meaning of every word。


  Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose。 They want to learn the language because they are interested in the language and the people who speak it。 It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to municate with these people and to learn from them。 They find it easy to practice using the language regularly because they want to learn with it。



  最难学的语言 The Most Difficult Language to Learn

  In China, a lot of people plain that English is so difficult to learn。 They even spend a lot of time to study grammar, still can’t speak English fluently。 But as China bees stronger, more and more foreigners start to learn mandarin。 Chinese and English are in the different language family, so the foreigners struggle to learn mandarin, and most people give up after a few days’ learning。 For some who can speak a little, they plain that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn。 There are four tones and it is hard for them to figure out。 But there are still some foreigners learn Chinese so well。 Therefore, if they can do it well, why don’t we plain。 All we need to do is to keep practicing and find the best way to master another language。



  Chinese English

  China has the largest population in the world and English is the international language。 There are a lot of funny things when Chinese people learn English。

  They will mix the words with their own language。 Some very classic words have been created。 Such as the sentence long time no see, it is the most classic words that were spoken by Chinese。

  Actually, the local people won’t say these words but they know the meaning。 As these classic sentences are spoken by more and more Chinese people then the western people accept them。

  Today, more Chinese English have been admitted by the official dictionary。 We can see the great influence from big country。 As China is getting stronger, we are so proud of being part of it。

  Of course, to master the international language is the key to know more about the world。


  他们会把英语与自我的母语混淆。一些十分经典的词就这样被创造出来了。如句子“long time no see”,这是最经典的中式表达。





  学习带来什么 What Can Study Bring About

  Study has been the indispensable part of our life。 For some people, study means to learn knowledge from school, which for others, they believe that study is happening all the time, which is not limited in the regular learning。 I believe that if we keep thinking, we are studying。 Study brings us the valuable things。 The most important thing is critical thinking。 When we are babies, we get to know the world by imitating。 But as we grow up, we will have our own opinion about the world。 A plete person will not follow the crowd, who can figure out the truth and fake。 Study also brings us a bigger world。 The more we read, the farther distance we can reach。 A person is easy to be stuck in the current difficulty, but if he can see the beauty of life, he will adjust himself and be positive to life。



  We all make mistakes which are inevitable。 What makes mistakes worse is failure to correct your own mistakes。 While making mistakes is good, repeating mistakes is definitely not。 Apart from correcting your own mistakes, we should learn from the mistakes as well。


  You can only learn from you admit you have made one。 As soon as you start blaming other people, you distance yourself from any possible lesson that could be learned from it。 Admission of mistake, even if only privately to yourself, make learning possible by moving the focus away from blaming yourself and towards understanding。 Wise people admit their mistakes easily。 They know progress accelerates when they do。 On the other hand, for many reasons admitting mistakes is difficult。 This is why some people consider that people can learn nothing from mistakes。 We are educated in school, in our families, or at work to feel guilty about failure and to do whatever we can to avoid mistakes。 This sense of shame bined with the inevitability of setbacks when attempting difficult things explains why many people give up on their goals: they are not prepared for the mistakes and failures they will face on their way to what they want。


  In conclusion, we can and could learn good lessons from past mistakes in order to be more successful in our private and public lives。



  The Meaning of Learning English

  There is no doubt that English is the most widely used language。 In China, students have to learn it since they enter the primary school, even in some families, parents will hire tutors to help improve their children’s English level。 The meaning of learning English is obvious。

  First, we need to keep pace with the time。 When everybody is speaking English, if we don’t follow them, then we will be kicked out。 Today, the world is globalized, people seek for cooperation, especially for the business。 Mastering the English provides people chances to do the business and enlarge their business。

  Second, English as the mon language provides people the stage to understand each other。 When travel abroad, I'd like to talk to the local people。 No matter which country I go, everybody admits to municate in English。 We learn each other’s culture and talk happily。 As I master English, I can go anywhere, munication is not the problem to stop me。

  As English is so important and practical, we should learn as much as we could, so as to make better preparation for our future。







  如何学习How to Study?

  Recently the issue of students’ study has been brought to public attention。 Students are anxious about how to improve their scores。 Some work very hard。 They spend all their time on study。 They do nothing except study。 As far as I’m concerned, it is not a good way to study。 Alternate work with rest is the best to study well。 Students should try their best to learn knowledge as Francis Bacon said,”Knowledge is power”。 However, they should have other recreational activities to relax themselves。 Because people can do things more efficient after relaxed themselves’s more, people can obtain knowledge from many sources besides books, which is beneficial for study。 Thus, bine exertion and rest is the best to study。


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