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  学习的英语作文 篇1
  English is the most important language in the world and it is one of the most important subjects in junior high so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so we should spend lots of time on it every day. We should have good ways of learning English, such as listen to the teacher carefully,review what is learned regularly, prepare each lesson carefully before class, do our homework carefully, copy good sentences and recite them and attend English debbates and speech contests.

  Whats more,it is very useful to listen to English programs and read English magazines and books. When we make mistakes, correct them at once. Dont be shy of asking others for help when we have difficulties. I believe" practice makes perfect". I am sure if we study hard, we will learn English well.

  学习的英语作文 篇2
  Learning english can be a very difficult task for most people, this is because we dont live in a environment where we are forced to speak or write english. so i think the best way to learn english is by communicating with others using the lagnguage itself and not just learn from the book. Im sure if you live in an environment such as a foreign country and were forced to speak and write english everyday then your english will imprve dramatically.

  Although we must agree that we need to read and write english from the book in order to get the foundations that we need for basic communication, this is essential but as i said, this is only a foundation, what you develop afterwards all depends on your ability to adapt to an environment and your courage.

  学习的英语作文 篇3
  Study is very important for every individual. We acquire more advanced knowledge so as to keep pace with the development of society. Because of the social competition, we have no choice but to seize every opportunity to learn more . In addition, we equip ourselves with more knowledge to make our country more and more powerful. Knowledge is power, so everyone should try best to be a successful learner.

  Successful learners are similar in many aspects. Firstly, successful learners are supposed to be independent, active, careful, and responsible and so on. Secondly, successful learners take an active attitude towards study. Thirdly, successful learners apply what they have learned to practice.

  If you want to be successful learners, you should be interested in study. Interest is the best teachers. You should concentrate on your study and keep a balance between study and entertainment. What’s the most important thing is that you should develop some good learning habits. What’s more, don’t depend on your teachers and books and never give up.

  Only by doing these I mention about can you be a successful learner.

  学习的英语作文 篇4
  English is more important now. But it is difficult for many students to study it. Now I make some suggestion, maybe can help you. First, you should take notes and take them here and there. When you’re free, you can take them out and read it. Next, you should read English loudly.

  Many students know many grammars, but talking with others is hard. So reading is very important. It can make progress in your talking and listening, and it can also make you get excited, let you have a nice day. Then, talk with people in English; it’s interesting and very used. Finally, most importantly, try your best to learn English. No pains, no gains. I hope you can improve your English. Good luck!

  学习的英语作文 篇5
  every body knows that study is one of the most important things for the young people,and a lot of people think that youngmen should study everyday to get a good score.but i do not agree with such an idea, my opinion is the social activity and study are good friends.

  i have 3 main aspects to support my idea.firstly,the purpose of study is to do more contributions to the society, is to serve for the work.we learn more and more things in order to work easier and easier in the future, so social activity is the checking standard of study. secondly, the social activity can make us know what is our weak point and what we should learn in the future. for example, if i can not use computer in my social work, i must ask myself to learn it well so as to improve my work.

  finally, the social activity is also a kind of rest for us after study.

  from what has talked above,we can safely draw a conclusion that the social activity is a good partner of study, we should make use of the relations between them to create a good future.

  学习的英语作文 篇6
  Learning English just like learning any other language, is hard work so we should spend time practicing using English. Besides, we should listen to the teacher carefully,review what is learned regularly, prepare each lesson carefully before class, do our homework carefully, copy good sentences and recite them and attend English debbates and speech contests. Whats more, be patient and confident. Dont be shy and dont be afraid of making mistakes. We must understand that mistakes are unavoidable. So be patient with your mistakes and try to awoid them other time. I believe" practice makes perfect". If we study hard, we will learn English well.


  学习的英语作文 篇7

  In usually lives in the study, we have many ways to gain the foreign language knowledge and to sharpen ability. For example uses on the net to study the software fully, subscribes the E-mail magazine on-line, may receive the study material regularly, may access the net listens to the online English broadcast. Usually, we may read English to write in simple form the version the world famous work or the novel, prose and so on.


  Also may read English newspaper, listens to have the English reading material massively, consults the English England dictionary ......This can form English mentality in the mind, enhances the study interest in unconscious, grasps the new ability. When you study wearily might as well transforms the study method, like this can let you study with ease interesting.

  学习的英语作文 篇8
  We all make mistakes which are inevitable.What makes mistakes worse is failure to correct your own mistakes.While making mistakes is good,repeating mistakes is definitely not.Apart from correcting your own mistakes,we should learn from the mistakes as well.


  You can only learn from you admit you have made one.As soon as you start blaming other people,you distance yourself from any possible lesson that could be learned from it.Admission of mistake,even if only privately to yourself,make learning possible by moving the focus away from blaming yourself and towards understanding.Wise people admit their mistakes easily.They know progress accelerates when they do.On the other hand,for many reasons admitting mistakes is difficult.This is why some people consider that people can learn nothing from mistakes.We are educated in school,in our families,or at work to feel guilty about failure and to do whatever we can to avoid mistakes.This sense of shame bined with the inevitability of setbacks when attempting difficult things explains why many people give up on their goals: they are not prepared for the mistakes and failures they will face on their way to what they want.


  In conclusion,we can and could learn good lessons from past mistakes in order to be more successful in our private and public lives.


  学习的英语作文 篇9
  When referring to computer games, mostadults always do not very happy. As there are so many examples that teenagershave lost themselves in front of computer games, so some adults do not like it,even look down upon it. However, there is another voice support computer games.As for me, I stand in the middle place. I think computer games have both advantagesand disadvantage.


  On the one hand, as computer games are theproduct of high-tech, they bring wonderful entertainment to our human beings,which make our life much more colorful. Through the human history, what peopleplay in the old times is very simple and boring. But now computer games arevery interesting. What’s more, playing computer games is helpful for mankind todevelop their intelligence and enlarge their vision, because playing computergames needs thinking and will contact the knowledge of various fields.


  On the other hand, computer games are easyfor people to be addicted in it. As mention above, it is high- tech product thatwill attract people’s attention as easy as ABC. In fact, it is reallyinteresting and charming. So, many people, especially teenagers are easily trappedand unable to extricate themselves. Therefore, in orderto play computer games, many teenagers do not go to school to have class. Theirbehavior will destroy their future. In addition, playing computer games costslots of money in the long term.


  To sum up, computer games bring good andbad for human beings nowadays. Just the saying says,” every coin has two sides.”We can not define one thing only by one aspect.


  学习的英语作文 篇10
  Learning how to learn is one of the hot topics in education at the moment.In order to understand its importance,it is vital to understand the following two points.First,we should not follow other studentsway of learning.It is known to all that most students do not learn in the same way,they have their own ways to study.We have heard from other excellent students,they introduce their way of learning,while for ourselves,we should adjust our methods according to theirs,but not follow them in all.What’s more,many students do not take an interest in the process of learning and expect that by simply going to a lecture, for example,they will automatically study the subject matter.It is impossible for them to learn better,they should work efficiently.If students master how to learn,they will have a better chance to acquire knowledge.


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