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“真相只有一种,它的其他版本都不是真相”——星美 041:48
Impressive lines from Cloud Altalas
(Initial work, subject to further edition)
“一本读了一半的书就像是一段走到半路的恋情” ——罗伯特·弗洛比舍尔 041:48
"Truth is singular, it's versions are mis-truths". —— Sonmi 004:51
“在我生命的这一刻,我从Sixsmith身上知道的,就是这个世界被纠缠我们心灵的看不见的力量而扭曲”——罗伯特·弗洛比舍尔 051:00
"A half finished book is a half finished love affair" —— Robert Frobisher  041:48
“记住星美的话:我们的生命不仅是我们自己的,从子宫到坟墓,我们和其他人紧紧相连,无论前生还是今世,每一桩恶行,每一项善举,都会决定我们未来的重生”——先知 053:52 Http://www.BangNiShouji.com
"Mind the words of Sonmi: Our lives are not our own, from womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime, and every kindness, re-birth our future". ——Prophet 053:52
“你可以维持对人民的统治,只要你为他们提供一些东西;剥夺一个人的一切,那个人将不再为你所控制”——星美 069:46
You can maintain power over your people, as long as you give them something, robe a man of everything, and that man will no longer be in your power.  ——Sonmi 069:46
“知识是一面镜子,我生平第一次可以看到自己的过去和自己可能的将来。”——星美 070:42
"Knowledge is a mirror, and for the first time in my life I was allowed to see who I was, and whom I might become". ——Sonmi 070:42
“如果我帮你,我可能失去我的工作..或者更糟, 如果我不帮,会有许多人...任何更糟更坏的事情会发生”(伊萨克·萨赫斯 085:30)“
"If I help you, I could loose my job.. or worse, if I don't, a lot of people...anything worse and worse"  —— Isaac Sachs 085:30

你必须去做,做你不能不做的事情”——路易莎·雷 085:55
"You have to do, whatever you can't not do" ——Luisa Rey 085:55
“谁导致了人类衰败,如果不是老乔治的话?”(扎克里)“就是先人自己...他们内心的贪婪,这种贪婪远强于他们的智慧...贪婪得到更多” ——梅洛尼姆 086:15
"Oldens.... the hunger in their heart, the hunger are stronger than their smart...hunger for more" ——Meronym 086:00

“信仰,和恐惧或爱一样,迫使我们需要去理解,像理解相对论和不确定原则还有决定我们生命进程的各种现象一样。昨天,我的人生朝着一个方向;今天 它朝着另一方向。昨天,我相信自己不可能做的事,今天我却做了。”
“我们的生命和我们的选择,就像量子轨迹,只有在某一刻得到理解,在每一个交叉点上,每一次遭遇都蕴含着新的或潜在的方向。” ——伊萨克·萨赫斯 086:52
"Belief, like fear or love, is forced to be understood as we understand 'theory of relativity' and 'principles of mis-certainty', phenomena that determine the cause of our lives".
"Yesterday my life was headed in one direction, today it has headed to another;Yesterday I believe that I would never had done, but I did today".
"These forces that often re-make time and space, they can shave and alter who we imagine ourselves to be, began long before we were born and continue after we perish".
"Our lives, and our choices, like quantun-trajectories, are understood only at a moment, and each one of the inter-setion, each encounter, suggest a new and potential direction" ——Zachry 086:52

“像这样的时刻,我能清晰的感受到你的心跳就像能感受着自己的一样,我知道分离是一种幻觉...我的生命远远超越了我自己的极限。”——罗伯特·弗洛比舍尔 120:25
"I understand now,(that) boundaries between noise and sound are convintions. All boundaries are convintions, waiting to be transcended. One may transcend any convintion, if only one can firstly can see the (...)"
"Moments like these, I can feel your heart-beating clearly as I feel my own, and I know the seperation is an illusion, My life extends far beyond the limitations of me"
——Robert Frobisher 120:25
“我们必须战斗,甚至必要的牺牲,用真相来教育人民”——星美 143:40
"We must all fight, even if with necessary die, to teach people the truth. 143'' ——Sonmi 143:40

“要了解我们自己,只有通过他人的眼睛。我们生命的不朽性质在于我们的言语和行为带来的影响”——星美 146:04
“我伯伯是个科学家,但他相信爱是真实的,是一种自然现象。他相信爱可以战胜死亡”—— 伊萨克·萨赫斯的侄女 149:54
"My uncle is a scientist, but he believes that love is real, a kind of natural phenomena, he believes that love (..) death" ——Isaac Sachs'niece 149:54
“我相信死亡只是一扇门,当它关闭时,另一扇就会打开”——星美 155:18
"I believe death is only a door, when it closes, another opens" ——Sonmi 155:18