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  1、Pack out really is worse than promiscuous。 装出来的真心比滥情更可怕。

  2、Disappear a memory。 And leaving is unforgettable memories。 消失的是记忆。而留下的才是刻骨铭心的回忆。

  3、He misses her, but he missed her。 错过只在一瞬,思念却是一世。

  4、Dye never-failing threads, missing only in suddenly。 染不尽的余温,思念只在恍然间。

  5、Sprinkle with all the tears, the rest of the should be strong。 洒下所有的泪水,剩下的应当是坚强。

  6、Maybe people have always lost look very pale in fact also sad when you lose。 或许拥有的人总是把失去看得很淡其实你失去时也会心痛的。

  7、The colour of a sad, sad haunted, sadness and me pany。 泛着忧伤的色彩,悲伤萦绕,忧伤和我作伴。

  8、Whatever happened in the past is gone, the best is always yet to e。 无论过去发生什么,最好的永远尚未到来。

  9、Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever。 是谁赐我们遇见 却不一并赠我们永远。

  10、"Trust is like an eraser。 It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake。" 信任就像橡皮擦,在一次一次的错误中慢慢损耗变小。

  11、When distinction disguises the smile, is the final farewell tune。 分别时假装的微笑,是最终的告别曲。

  12、Lopsided, and eventually became seen。 渐行渐远,终成不见。

  13、Love are treading on thin ice, but the pain ruyingsuixing。 感情如履薄冰,痛苦却如影随形。

  14、I look not beautiful but I have to do my own。 我长得不美,可是我一向做我自我。

  15、I like to present myself。 I miss out past! 我喜欢此刻的自我,我怀念过去的我们!

  16、I know it seems that only love what you are trained to live up to what extent。 似乎仅有我自我明白爱你到什么程度受过什么辜负。

  17、Miss bee habit, forgotten bee habit, lonely bee habit。 想念变习惯,遗忘变习惯,孤单变习惯。

  18、Life is boring,and the heart is also lonely。 生活是无聊的,并且心也是孤独的。

  19、We first met location, it was named: miss。 我们初次相遇的地点,把它取名叫:怀念。

  20、Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity。 幸运,其实就是准备遇到了机会。

  21、We've never forgotten about the truth。We are just being skillful liars。 我们从没有忘记真相,只是我们越来越会说谎。

  22、We all be happy, regardless of each other's happiness。 我们都要幸福,不分彼此的幸福。

  23、Is very sweet, very bitter, and that is love。 很甜很苦,那就是感情。

  24、I just want a warm embrace and nothing more。 我只是想要一个温暖的怀抱仅此而已。

  25、I always put you seriously as a kind of joke。 Because I was afraid of losing nothing。 我总是把你们的认真当成一种玩笑。因为我害怕失去罢了。

  26、I have ten thousand kinds of reasons to want to love you less now you can love an excuse。 我有一万种想爱你的理由此刻却少了一种能爱你的借口。

  27、There aresteps to happiness: you ,me ,our hearts,together! 通往幸福只需要四步:你我我们的心在一齐。

  28、How many dream had, and never came into my heart。 多少梦幻的以往,也不曾走进莪的心。[由Www.SengZan.Com整理]

  29、A ray of sunshine, outline for you my all memory。 一缕阳光,勾勒出我对你所有的记忆。

  30、Come to an end only lonely melancholy is a taste of life。 曲终人散仅有孤寂惆怅才是生活的原味。

  31、Nothing improves the memory more than trying to forget。 令记忆深刻的最好方法,就是试图去忘记。

  32、Your own taste, let my heart closely rely on。 你的专属的味道,让我的心紧紧依靠。

  33、Laugh Until You Cry; Cry Until You Laugh。 笑到最终哭出来;哭到最终笑出来。

  34、We destroy their youth, disrupted ever thought the unbreakable cities。 我们摧毁了各自的青春,瓦解了以往以为牢不可破的城池。

  35、The net closely but buckle not forever。 十指紧扣却扣不住天长地久。

  36、Has such reason to enable me to be possible to forget you? 有没有那么一个理由让我能够忘记你?

  37、Sometimes there is no way out exlep。 有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。

  38、No road is long with good pany。 有好的旅伴,再远的旅程都不会嫌长。

  39、We love the skilled present turns the memoration。 我们爱的熟练此刻都变成纪念。

  40、What kind of sunlight can warm my heart。 什么样的阳光能温暖我的心。

  41、The recollection detains me in sad passing, I cannot see present's happiness。 回忆将我扣留在悲伤的过往,以至于我看不见此刻的幸福。

  42、I did not catch you when you pass you do not stop。 擦肩而过时我没有拉住你你也没有停留。

  43、No need to abandon their own people more than tears desperate not born。 没必要为了抛弃自我的人就流泪不止心死不生。

  44、Some loves, more want to pull out to Vietnam are actually clearer。 有些爱, 越想抽离却越更清晰。

  45、Since you unintentionally I should let it go。 你既然无心,我也该放手。

  46、Love,It would have to be to you。 爱,它只属于你。

  47、A man is not old until his regrets take place of his dreams 。 仅有当遗憾代替了梦想,人才算老。

  48、We are afraid of losing but never did learn to cherish。 我们害怕失去却始终没学会珍惜。

  49、Know, how again recover also just air。 明明白,再怎样挽回也只是空气。

  50、Does not bid good-bye forever, our hand connecting rod walks together。 不分手的永远,我们一齐手牵手走下去。


  1、Sudden grievances, even with a stiff smile。 突如其来的委屈,连笑都带着僵硬。

  2、Haven't met in a long time how sad greeting。 好久不见是多么心酸的问候。

  3、Time to teach you see every face。 时光教你看清每一张脸。

  4、You don\'t have much good, I like it。 你不用多好,我喜欢就好。

  5、I tasted the taste of love and friendship, both lost。 我尝过感情和友情满盘皆输的味道。

  6、One day, lonely defeated the happiness。 终有一天,孤独打败了欢乐。

  7、Love remained short,but the memory lasts long。 爱那么短,遗忘那么长。

  8、Time always save the best for last。 时光总是把最好的人留到最终。

  9、Why want to miss time than long together。 何必要让用来怀恋的时光比在一齐还长。

  10、How to say goodbye to someone you don't want to lose。 该如何跟你不想失去的人说再见。

  11、I thought you were holding your hand。 我以为拉住你的手就拉住了你。

  12、To be understood, it is too luxurious。 被人理解 实在太过奢侈。

  13、When it has is lost, brave to give up。 当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放下。

  14、Hello, I'm walking slowly。 I wish you happiness, but also I lonely。 你好好过,我慢慢走。祝你幸福,还我孤独。

  15、Delay is the deadliest form of denial。 拖延是最彻底的拒绝。

  16、The Most Beautiful Thing is Loving You。 暗恋是一种幸福的寂寞。

  17、You and I are far away from the kindness and love of the poor。 你和我之间的遥远永远隔着亲切爱少的可怜。

  18、You gave me too many unnecessary memories。 是你给我太多不必要的回忆。

  19、Don\'t fear you forsake, just afraid of losing you。 不是怕你丢弃,只是怕失去你。

  20、Want perfect, always not perfect。 想要的完美,始终不完美。

  21、You go, I did not cry, just forget how to laugh。 你走了,我没有哭,只是忘了该怎样笑。

  22、Give me to the old love。 给我到老的感情。

  23、I have no ambition, I just want you。 我没有野心,我只想要你。

  24、I Want happiness , Be you give a care。 我要的幸福,是你给予我的在乎。

  25、Who never had a scar of youth。 谁的青春不曾有过伤痕。

  26、The darkness is no darkness with the。 有了你,黑暗不再是黑暗。

  27、The kiss of love is a deep hug。 对爱的人 接吻要深 拥抱要真。

  28、Long time no see。 Who do you like。 好久不见之后你喜欢了谁。

  29、Say too much as silence think too much I will be sad。 说太多不如沉默 想太多我会难过。

  30、There is a word that you have sad past。 总有一句是你以往心酸的过往。

  31、Don't let the wrong people take the best of you。 别再让不适宜的人 带走了最好的你。

  32、When you are on one\'s uppers,I will be your last luggage。 当你一贫如洗 我会是你最终的行李。

  33、Time to get close to bee wele。 时光把亲密变成客气。

  34、After alcohol does not leave a hand more love freedom。 以后烟酒不离手 更热爱自由。

  35、I never said I was afraid of losing me。 从未有人说过害怕失去我。

  36、I just want to hold you sleep every night。 我只期望每一天都能够拥你入怀。

  37、No meeting, no story。 没有遇见就没有故事。

  38、It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple。 欢乐很简单,但要做到简单却很难。

  39、Each of us is no longer the only。 我们彼此不再是唯一。

  40、How can I hide away, the whim of fate。 我要怎样才能躲掉,命运的心血来潮。


  1、I want to be strong with the cry, tears are not obedient。 我想坚强着不哭,泪却不听话。

  2、When you love someone you have to learn to let them go。 一但你爱上一个人,你同时需要学会如何放手。

  3、Dear,When thinking of you some happiness。 Well some sad。 亲爱的,想你的时候有些幸福,幸福的有些难过。

  4、Don't give up,just be you,cause life's too short to be anybody else。 永远都不要放下做自我,因为人生很短根本没时光模仿别人。

  5、My hand not forget the temperature of your hand。 我的手忘不掉你手的温度。

  6、Wish you noticed me。 多期望你曾注意过我。

  7、I am still concerned about the left, you do not see my time。 离开后我依旧在关注,看到了你不需要我的时光。

  8、Bye…I love you so much still with no regret。 再见了。我那么那么爱你,一点也不遗憾。

  9、You said that love me for a million years。 Oath to bee a lie。 你说过爱我一万年,誓言变成了谎言。

  10、Opens the full of trees, pear can never bears apple。 开满梨花的树上,永远不可能结出苹果。

  11、Tied memories of our time, our memories of the time tearing。 回忆绑住了我们的时光,时光扯断了我们的回忆。

  12、Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence。 爱是永恒的,外表可能改变,但本质永远不变。

  13、Do or do not。 There is no try。 要么做,要么滚!

  14、Love a flower bloom to acpany it, love a man to acpany him to stray。 爱一朵花就陪它绽放,爱一个人就陪他流浪。

  15、Your emotions has nothing to do with me, your world and others。 你的喜怒哀乐与我无关,你的世界里还有别人。

  16、Sometimes, the everlasting and vows of eternal love is not in proportion。 有时候,天荒地老与海誓山盟是不成正比的。

  17、Every day there are in the world, every day someone in depravity sorrow。 这个世界每一天都有人在堕落,每一天都有人在忧伤。

  18、I only hope to have around you, you can warm my air。 我只期望身边有一个你,能够温暖我的空气。

  19、You know, you lose, I will lose the meaning of living。 你明白的,失去你,我会失去活着的意义。

  20、If my future has you in it, I'm not afraid of anything。 如果我的未来有你在,其他一切我都不怕了。

  21、You will only break my heart。 你只会伤我的心。

  22、I forget, or you have not loved。 是我忘不掉,还是你未曾爱过。

  23、If there is no separation growth also does not have belongs to。 如果没有别离,成长也就无所附丽。

  24、In the good can not help but forgotten, also arrived, but sad memories。 在完美也禁不住遗忘,在悲伤也抵可是回忆。

  25、Who's who of the hook, and who is who of redemption。 谁是谁的劫,谁又是谁的救赎。

  26、Your hand luxuriant line entanglements into the city in whose laughter。 你掌心华丽的线条纠结进了谁的城池里欢声笑语。

  27、We love others too early, self love too late。 我们爱别人太早,爱自我太迟。

  28、Beautiful season, we love because huddle together。 明媚的季节里,我们因为感情依偎在一齐。

  29、My love is poison, you dare to? 我的爱是毒药,你敢要吗?

  30、I love you a lot。 The but again choose lonely。 我爱你很多,却又选择寂寞。

  31、Fantasy and ideal vision but end the deadlock。 幻想与梦想的憧憬只能无可奈何的搁浅。

  32、I fake a smile because I don't want you to worry about what I'm feeling。 我强颜欢笑只是为了让你不担心我。

  33、If the language can not express, I am willing to prove that life。 如果语言无法表达,我愿意用生命证明。

  34、l have you。 That is all I need。 我有你,就够了。

  35、Do not need better than it is now just now so good。 不需要比此刻好,只要此刻这样就好。

  36、And missing you is like fighting a war。 想念你像是一场争战。

  37、The life of the traveler why can't forget。 生命的过客何必念念不忘。

  38、Laugh Until You Cry; Cry Until You Laugh。 笑到最终哭出来;哭到最终笑出来。

  39、Love is like the wind, you can not see it but you can feel it。 爱就像风一样,看不到,却能感觉到!

  40、Everyone there is a Part of the living for others their own。 每个人都存在着那部分为别人而活的自我。

  41、Between us are only separated by one step, and I can not move you。 我们之间仅隔一步,而我却不能迈向你。

  42、Every time a good night, feeling each other's feelings。 每一次晚安,感受着彼此的情感。

  43、Paper plane fly farther take away my heart。 纸飞机飞的再远带不走我的心境。

  44、God also there will be a tragedy, what iss more, I am an ordinary person! 神也会有杯具更何况我是一个人。

  45、How many loved your moments of glad grace。 多少人爱过你青春的片影。

  46、Do not,for one repulse,give up the purpose that you resolved to effect。 不要只因一次失败,就放下你原先决心想到达的目的。

  47、Do not make life difficutt in the past。 不要与过去过不去。

  48、If you've found your Mr。 Right,you've done major right things in your life。 爱对一个人,人生就等於做对了大部分的事情。

  49、love me love my dog。 爱屋及乌。

  50、We are the tender love in the world。 我们都在被这个世界温柔的爱着。

  51、Your dream is not dream。 你还梦不梦。

  52、Life is simple。You make choices and you don't look back。 人生很简单,做了决定就不要后悔。

  53、If there is a suitcase, I'll spiralling out to stray。 如果有皮箱,我会一发不可收拾的去流浪。

  54、Emotion is the innate weakness of human。 情感是人类的本质弱点。

  55、It is better bo have love and lost than never to have loved at all。 宁能够往爱过而失败,也不要从来未曾有过一次爱。

  56、Every man dies, not every man really lives。 每个人都要死,但不是每个人都真正活过。

  57、To waste,then forced。 用力的浪费,再用力的后悔。

  58、Obtain a copy of any form will have to repay that day。 任何形式的索取都会有偿还的那一天。

  59、I'll think of you every step of the way。 我会想你,在漫漫长路的每一步。

  60、Time is we do not e loose。 时光不老我们不散好么?

  61、Love warms more than a thousand fires。 感情的炽热胜过千万团的火。

  62、Are there only to leave, you will never care about。 是不是仅有离开,你才会有所在乎。

  63、I don't give a shit on your care the least about me。 我不在乎你对我的不在乎。

  64、Do not play too true acting, otherwise it will bear the scars。 演戏别演太真,否则会伤痕累累。

  65、You use your gentle eyes, killed who want to forget you。 你用你那温柔的眼神,杀死了我要遗忘你的我。

  66、Her tears melted his heart。 她的眼泪使他心软了。

  67、You said a lifetime, but stay for a while。 你说的一辈子,却呆了一阵子。

  68、The night deep dark blue eyes。 深夜深巷那双深蓝色的眼睛。

  69、Memories so heavy。 回忆那么重。

  70、to be or not to be ,that is a question。 生存还是毁灭,这是个值得研究的问题。

  71、He is no longer my world, because my world collapsed。 他不再是我的世界,因为我的世界已塌陷。

  72、I should not have to rely on sustenance to the touch than the future。 是我不该把依靠寄托给触碰不到的未来。

  73、A person walking down the street, suddenly remind of lonely I love you。 一个人走在寂寞的街,忽然想起我爱你。

  74、Life is a on return journey。 生是一段没有退路的旅程。

  75、Good children always happy! 善良的孩子要永远欢乐!

  76、Every day is beautiful if you choose to see it。 如果你愿意去发现,其实每一天都很美!

  77、If you don't live for something, you'll die for nothing。 活着无所追求,至死都会一无所有。

  78、He is the greatest love of my life。 他是我一生中最心爱的人。

  79、I love you even if you fall in love with another of her。 我喜欢你,哪怕你爱上了另一个她。

  80、Take away love, and our earth is a tomb。 没有了爱,地球便成了坟墓。

  81、My eyes have shallow sea land old clap vita etched a bay miss。 我眼中有浅浅的海,前尘旧事拍岸,侵蚀出一湾想念。

  82、The warm air to make chocolate melts。 温暖的空气使巧克力融化。

  83、Love's mysteries in souls do grow, but yet the body in his book。 感情的秘密在双方的心灵中生成,但形体是表白爱惜的书。

  84、Every story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning。 每个故事都有个结局,可是在生活中每个结局都是新的开始。

  85、A hedge between keeps friendship green。 适当的距离使友谊之树常青。

  86、I know next to you is not where I belong。 我明白你旁边是不属于我的地方。

  87、Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons。 不回头,只是还没找到留下的理由。

  88、You would not want for a friend as long as I draw breath。 只要我活着,就永远是你的朋友。

  89、Your name is such ordinary but it affects my mood all round。 你那么平凡的名字却影响我那么多的情绪。

  90、We can't fly high because we overweigh ourselves。 我们不会高飞,是因为我们把自我看的太重。


  1、Sometimes you have to just let go and see what happens。 有时候,你只好选择放手来看看会发生什么。

  2、In the ways of life every trauma is a mature, every loss is a gain。 生命里的每一次创伤都是一种成熟,每一次失去都是一种获得。

  3、A person to travel, perhaps to meet the most really own。 一个人的旅行,或许才能遇见最真的自我。

  4、Too many stories have no results。 拥有太多故事却都没有之后。

  5、Life is like a dandelion, seemingly free, but involuntarily。人生就像蒲公英,看似自由,却身不由己。


  7、Sometimes you’ve got to care less to see if they’ll care more。有时候你得在乎得少一些,才能看到有没有人会在乎得多一些。

  8、Active long will be very tired, care about for a long time will crash! 主动久了会很累,在乎久了会崩溃!

  9、Time such as water, always silent。 If you are well, it is sunny。 时光如水,总是无言。若你安好,便是晴天。

  10、The strongest man in the world is the man who stands alone。 这世界上最强大的人,就是那些能一个人孤单生活的人。

  11、Everything will get better, what you should do is to believe that。 一切都会好转的,你要做的就是相信。

  12、Every time you e to mind, I realize I’m smiling。 每次一想到你,我发现自我都不自觉的在微笑。

  13、Love needs to be put to let go。 感情需要放手时就得放。

  14、The only way to meet the right one is to be what you really are。 用最真实的自我,才能遇见最适合的那个人。

  15、Someday I shall know about love and that’s, because of you。 如果有一天,我明白了什么是感情,那必须是因为你。

  16、I am who I am, your opinion is neither desired nor required。我就是我,你怎样看我既不需要,也没必要。

  17、I loved you。。。truly, deeply did。。。and suddenly, I felt nothing。 我爱过你,真的深深的爱过。但突然,所有感觉都没了。

  18、Love is like long hair will bifurcation。 感情就像头发 长了就会分岔。

  19、What is love? Maybe when you are waiting, love is here。 等待,也许就是感情本身。

  20、The stories we love best live in us forever。 那些我们最爱的故事,最终都会一向活在我们的心里。

  21、My heart already have; no matter how good I do not want to。 我心里已经有了你;再好的我都不想要。

  22、Live beautifully, dream passionately, love pletely。活要活得完美,梦要梦得热烈,爱要爱得完整。

  23、Having one heart and being faithful are the gentlest power in the world。 一心一意是世界上最温柔的力量。

  24、It takes courage to grow up and bee who you really are。 长大并成为真正的自我,需要勇气。

  25、In my heart, acpany and understand, is more important than love。 在我心中,陪伴与懂得,比感情更加重要。

  26、Like the sun because it’s warm, warm heart went to unknown pain。喜欢阳光是因为它很暖,暖到了心底,暖去了不知名的疼痛。

  27、Everyone has a story left untold, so never start judging someone。 每个人都有不为人知的故事,不要轻易对别人品头论足。

  28、I do not understand your language and you do not understand my silence。 我不懂你的语言,你不懂我的沉默。

  29、You are always in my heart, but the weight has changed。 我心里一向有你,只是比例变了而已。

  30、Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever。 如相爱,请深爱,就像能到地老天荒。

  31、Life is a kind of pressure。 We should learn to prop up ourselves。 人生是一种承受,我们要学会支撑自我。

  32、Each youth will be old, but I hope that your memories have been good。 每段青春都会苍老,但我期望记忆里的你一向都好。

  33、Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring about the best change。 有时候,最糟糕的伤痛能够带来最好的改变。

  34、With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines。拥有你美丽的感情,太阳就永远明媚。

  35、Sometimes the questions are plicated and the answers are simple。 有时候问题很复杂,而答案却很简单。

  36、Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?当我一无所有,遍体鳞伤,你是否爱我如故?

  37、Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever。 想念一个人而又见不到是最难受的。

  38、When you are totally at peace with yourself, nothing can shake you。 如若内心真得和谐平静,什么也不会撼动你。

  39、Little pliments mean so much to me sometimes。 有时候,一点微不足道的肯定,对我却意义非凡。

  40、we accept the love we think we deserve 认为值得 所以理解 这就是感情

  41、Try my best to forgive, do my best to forget。 尽最大努力去宽恕,尽最大的努力去遗忘。

  42、Sometimes you need to walk alone just to show that you can。 有时候,有些路,得自我来走,证明自我能搞得定。

  43、Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love。 当你想念心中所爱之人时时光总会过得比较慢。

  44、I know I do not leave you, so I utter not a single word。 我深知我留不住你,所以我不言不语。qq英文个性签名感情唯美

  45、Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear。 你所明白的不要全说,你所听到的不要全信。

  46、A smile is the most charming part of a person forever。 微笑永远是一个人身上最好看的东西。

  47、Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it。 风筝顶着风高飞,而不是顺着风。

  48、Old love, new love, between love and be loved, it is a misery。 旧爱新欢,爱与被爱之间,就是一场苦难。。

  49、A girl should be like a butterfly。 Pretty to see, hard to catch。 女生应当像蝴蝶一样,看着很美,却难以捕捉。

  50、Though I avoid seeing you, I still miss you。 虽然对你避而不见,可是心里仍然想念。其实,有一种想念,叫避而不见。

  51、Life has to have cracks in it so that the sun can shine through。 生命必须有裂缝,阳光才照得进来。

  52、If you fade from my memory, I think I would be very well。 如果你从我的记忆中淡去,我想,我会过得很好。

  53、Those have most power to hurt us, that we love。我们所爱的人,却最具有伤害我们的力量。

  54、I came to your city , went through the way you passed。 我来到你的城市,走过你来时的路

  55、Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me。 看看我的眼睛,你会发现你对我而言意味着什么。

  56、Love must need ourpatience。感情需要付出耐心

  57、If you are doing your best, you will not have to worry about failure。如果你竭尽全力,你就不用担心失败。

  58、True love never gets old -真正的感情永远不会变老

  59、The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie。 赤裸裸的事实总好过精心装扮的谎言。

  60、Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss and ends with a tear。 爱,起于微笑,浓于亲吻,逝于泪水。

  61、Be what you want to be, not what others want to see。 做你自我想做的,而不是别人想看到的

  62、What does it matter where I am if you are not with me。 如果没有你,我在哪里,又有什么所谓。

  63、First rule of a real world: not everyone around you is your friend。 真实世界第一守则: 并不是你身边的每一个人都是朋友。

  64、Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud。 试着做某人天空里的那抹彩虹。

  65、It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple。 欢乐很简单,但要做到简单却很难。

  66、The greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others。 我们对他人绝望的无视,是最大的`残忍。

  67、I don’t want to be your entire world, just the best thing in it。我不想成为你的整个世界,只要是你世界里最完美的事物就好

  68、We fall in love by chance。 We stay in love by choice。 无意之中坠入爱河,自愿地驻留爱中。

  69、My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments。 我的人生不完美,但人生中有完美时刻

  70、Thank you every time i need you to drop the chain。 多谢你每次在我需要你的时候掉链子。

  71、You never know how much she loves you who thinks too much about you。 你永远都不会明白,为你乱想的人有多么爱你。

  72、Love makes you hold on to things you wouldn’t have been able to。 爱让你坚持住了那些你本坚持不下去的事情。

  73、However, you are the one I love。What can I plain about? 毕竟是我爱的人,我能够怪你什么。

  74、A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation。有时候,迷糊一点点胜过解释一大堆。

  75、The world is big, big but a heart; go far, far away but a dream。 世界再大,大可是一颗心;走得再远,远可是一场梦

  76、Love isn’t plicated, people are。爱并不复杂,复杂的是人

  77、Forgive me for not warm myself but still want to be your sun。 原谅我温暖不了自我却还想做你的太阳。

  78、You are my oath not pain, I am your not essential memory。你是我不敢宣誓的疼痛,我是你可有可无的记忆。


  1、After I met you, I opened my eyes to the flower fields and closed my eyes to the stars。 遇见你以后,我睁眼便是花田,闭眼是星空。

  2、I only like strawberries。 Strawberry juice is no good。 Strawberry candy is no good。 Just like I like you, I can't be angry like you, I can't look like you, not you 我只爱吃草莓,草莓汁不行,草莓糖不行。就像我喜欢你,脾气像你不行,长的像你不行,不是你不行

  3、I would kiss you right now if only you were here。 如果你就在那里,我必须会立刻吻你。

  4、Before meeting you, indulge in the past。 After meeting you, I plan to spend the rest of my life。 遇你之前,沉迷过往;遇你以后,盘算余生。

  5、You are a young love and sweet for the rest of my life。 你是年少的喜欢,也是我余生的甜蜜

  6、As long as is a edy ending, process you let I how cry will do。 只要是个喜剧结局,过程你让我怎样哭都行。

  7、I love you the most, I miss you the most, and I won’t mention you later。 过去最爱你,此刻最想你,往后不提你。

  8、Where you go,whatever you do,I will be right here waiting for you。 无论你身在何处,无论你为何忙碌,我都会在此守候。

  9、This short life, we will eventually lose, you might as well be bold。 Love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream。这短短的一生,我们最终都会失去,你不妨大胆一些。爱一个人,攀一座山,追一个梦。

  10、The moon is a coin I toss。 I dream of you on both sides。 月亮是我抛的硬币,两面都是梦见你。

  11、I learned the routine, but you are sincere。 套路是我学的,但撩你是真心的。

  12、The gentleness of life will run into your arms。 生活的温柔总会哒哒哒的跑进你怀里的。

  13、No matter the ending is perfect or not,you can’t disappear form my world。 不论结局好坏,你不能从我的世界消失。

  14、I want to have a very long future with you。 I want to get everyone's blessing with you。 I want to acpany you through your life and live up to each other's warmth。 我想和你拥有一个很长很长的未来,很想和你得到所有人的祝福,很想陪你走完你的一生,彼此温暖互不辜负。

  15、Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom。 让我的爱 如阳光 环绕著你并给予你闪亮的自由。

  16、It is hard to give reasons for the true love。 You only know you want his pany anywhere,anytime in any mood。 真正爱一个人是无法说出原因的。你只明白无论何时何地心境好坏,你都期望这个人陪著你。

  17、If I know what love is,It is because of you。 因为你,我懂得了爱

  18、No matter how good others are, it has nothing to do with me。 You are not good anymore, I like it。 别人再好,与我无关,你再不好,我都喜欢。

  19、I like you, like the whale to the sea, the bird to the forest。 我喜欢你,如鲸向海,似鸟投林。

  20、When a girl asks a guy to listen to a song,it’s because the lyrics are all the words she want to say。 当一个女孩叫一个男孩去听一首歌的时候,是因为歌词都是她想对他说的话。

  21、sometime affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom 有时感情是朵含蓄的花,需要时光才会怒放。