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  Christmas Day


  Christmas Day is the biggest festival in the western countries.It is on December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ.Before the festival, every family will buy a Christmas tree, and put it in the middle of the living-room. And their houses look more soft and beautiful.


  On Christmas Eve, children always hang up their Christmas stockings and hope Father Christmas will come to put presents in them. In fact, their parents put the presents in their stockings.


  How interesting it is! On Christmas Day, people say "Merry Christmas" to each other.

  你说有趣不有趣! 在圣诞节那天,人们互相祝贺“圣诞快乐”。

  Happiness in Chiristmas Day


  Christmas is the biggest festival in the western world, which people all over the Christian countries celebrate. It is on the 25th day of each December.Christians consider it as the birthday of Jesus Christ.But now many customs and habits are beyond religious meaning.The Christmas season begins five or six weeks before the exact holiday.There is always a shopping boom during this period.So its really a happy season for shop owners.


  There is a farmer had a child suffer hunger and cold in a snowstorm raging Christmas night, let him eat a sumptuous Christmas dinner, the children say goodbye to fold a fir tree branches ed on the ground and blessing: "this year, gift full branch, this beautiful fir tree reward your kindness." When the child left, the farmer found that the branch had become a small tree, he realized that he received the original is a messenger of god. The story became the source of the Christmas tree. In the west, whether or not a Christian, Christmas time to prepare a Christmas tree, in order to increase the festive atmosphere of joy. The Christmas tree is usually made of evergreen trees such as cedar cypress, symbolizing the life of the earth. A tree decorated with a variety of lampsdecorated toys stars, hang all kinds of Christmas gifts. Christmas Eve, people singing and dancing around the Christmas tree, enjoy the joy.


  The name of Christmas is short for “Christ Mass”。 Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. In 4th century is a holiday for the church. By the 12th century, Christmas had become the most important religious festival in Europe. In 19th century, two Christmas customs became popular-decorating Christmas trees and sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends. Many well-known Christmas songs were written during this period.

  For most people who celebrate Christmas, this is a special holiday for gathering of family and friends, enjoying delicious foods, and giving gifts. A traditional Christmas dinner in American includes stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes and so on. One of the most important Christmas traditions is receiving gifts from Santa Claus. Today, Santa Claus brings presents to children in many countries, including the Unites States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

  Santa Claus is the most popular people on that day. It is a custom to ACT Santa Claus. Before children go to bed on Christmas Eve, they will put a sock on stove and wait the Santa Claus to put presents into it. So Christmas Day is one of the favorable festivals for children.

  On Christmas Day, the whole families sit at a big table under Christmas tree to eat dinner. They value it very much. Christmas songs mainly include three songs: Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Hark! The Herald Angles sing.

  Now, we know more about the Christmas Day. Do you like that day?


  在圣诞节那天,全家人会坐在圣诞树下的一个大桌子边吃晚饭。他们很都很重视这一点。圣诞歌主要三首:Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Hark! The Herald Angles sing。


  Every year, people celebrate Christmas Day.It is one of the most important festival in western countries. Its On December 25. On that day, family members usually get together. They decorate their rooms with Christmas trees with colourful lights and Christmas cards. They often get their favourite presents under the Christmas trees of in their stockings at the end of their beds. They often have a Christmas Party on Christmas Eve. Everyone is quite happy on that day.

  It was one of the last days before Christmas, and the as sistants in the large store had their hands full serving eager Christmas shoppers.

  At one counter an old lady was choosing gloves red ones for her daugher in law, light blue ones for her niece, pink ones for her grand daughter, green ones for her sister and by the time she had found what she wanted, the counter was covered with pairs of all colors and sizes.

  When the salesgirl had finally written out the bill and was about to turn to the next customer with a tired voice. Thank you very much, madam, the old lady suddenly cried out.

  Oh, I almost forgot——Anything else, madam? said the girl, Yes, began the old lady。

  Id like to buy another pair, but I m not quite sure about what exactly I should cloose. I wonder if you could help me. Certainly, madam, was the girls reply. The old lady then went on to explain that what she was looking for was a pair of gloves for a girl of her age.

  She was not at ail sure what color to choose, and the design was a problem too.The tired girl did her best to help the old lady make up her mind, showing her ail kinds of gloves.At last the chosen pair of gloves were wrapped up and paid for as well, and as the girlwas about to turn to the next customer, the old lady handed her a little parcel and said.

  These now, dear, these are for you and thank you for being so patient. I do hope you have a merry Christmas!

  Christmas is also known as Christmas, translated as "Christ mass", western traditional festival, every year in December 25th. Mass is a kind of church service. Christmas is a religious festival, because regard it as to celebrate the birth of Jesus, named "christmas".

  Most of the Catholic Church will be first in the 24, Christmas Eve, i.e., the early morning of December 25 at midnight mass, and some Christian will be held caroling and on December 25 to celebrate Christmas; Christian another branch of Orthodox Christmas celebration in the annual January 7.

  Christmas is a public holiday in the western world and in many other regions, such as Hongkong, Macao, Malaysia, and Singapore in Asia. The Bible actually did not record the date of birth of Jesus, Christmas is a public.




  Chrismas Father was the descendant of a deity called Odin. It‘s also said that Chrismas Father comes from San Nichola, so he is also called St.Nicholas. He was the bishop of Asia

  Minor city of Rafah and he was called a man of God after his death. He is an old man in red clothes and he wears a red hat.He has white mustache. He comes from the north on a blowmobile every Chrismas Day. He went into people‘s houses by the track and he put the presents into children‘s socks. So in western countries,parents put the gifts to their kids in kids‘ socks and put them on the head of the bed on Chrismas Eve. On the second day, the first thing after kids wake up is to find the presents from Chrismas Fathers.

  It is said that there was a goodness man went broke his domain. He lived a hardlife and he has three daughters. The three daughters were being married but he didn‘t have money to buy dower for his daughters. On the happy Chrismas Eve three girls went to bed early. They didn‘t know that their father was so worried. At last the Chrismas father decided to help them . He besprinkled gold through the stack and the gold fell into the socks of the man‘s daughters. They lived a happy life from then on… Chrismas socks was origined by this.

  Christmas Day,the 25th of December,is the biggest festival celebrated in the Christian countries of the world.Although everyone enjoys Christmas Day,it is particularly enjoyed by children,who get very excited because of the presents they know they are going to receive.Small children believe that their presents are brought by Santa Claus.

  Santa Claus (also called" Father Christmas)is a kind of old man who,the children are told,lives at the North Pole.He travels through the sky on a sleigh which is pulled by reindeers and loaded with presents.Stopping on the roof of houses,he enters by climbing the chimney.When small children go to bed on Christmas Eve,they hang a stocking at the end of their beds.Their parents warn them not to try to look at Father Christmas,or he will not leave them anything.

  When they wake,they find their stockings filled with presents.Children are very excited on Christmas morning and always wake up early.

  Christmas is also a family celebration.As any members of the family as possible gather to eat,play party games and watch the special Christmas programmes on TV.