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  I have a very good friend。 His name is Philip。 As far as I'm concerned, he's very kind-hearted and generous。 Once I was in high school, he treated me friendly and sincerely。 When I was happy, he was also happy with me。 When I was sad, he always forted me。 When I was defeated, he always encouraged me。 When I stumbled, he always pulled me up。 Although we quarreled at times, we were still in good relationships。 We could know each other better after the argument。 When my birthday came, he always sent me a special present。

  He's very hard-working and intelligent。 He always studied hard at school。 Because of his hard work, he always did very well in exams。 His oral English was better than mine。 Most of the time, he was willing to chat with me in English。 Owing to his help, I made a lot of progress in oral English。




  My Good Friend

  I have a good friend。 Her English name is Ann。 Her Chinese name is Wang Xiaolan。 She is in Nanzhuang Primary School。 She is twelve。 She has black eyes and black hair。 Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse。 Her brother is five years old。 She likes dancing, singing and watching TV。 She is friendly and she likes to help others。 What a good girl!

  Kelly is one of my classmates。 She is a pretty girl but a little bit shy。 She seldom talks to others。 But my classmates still like her very much。 Smiles are always on her face and she is friendly to others。 Her study is very good。 When we ask her some questions, she is always ready to help。 Singing is her favorites and she sings well。 I think she is a talented girl。


  我有一个好朋友。她的英文名字是安。她的中午名字是王小兰。她在南庄小学。她十二岁。她有黑眼睛和黑头发。她的父亲是一个医生和她的母亲是一个护士。她的弟弟五岁 。她喜欢跳舞、唱歌和看电视。她很友好并且她喜欢帮忙别人。多么好的一个女孩!



  My Best Friend

  Blair is my classmate as well as my best friend。 We have already known each other for ten years。 We live in the same block so that we always go to school together。 She has long hair, big eyes and sweet smile, which makes her popular in my class。 Blair works hard and she is a good student in the eyes of teachers。 Besides, she is clever and kindhearted。 When others turn to her for help, she always tries her best to help。 I feel proud to have such a good friend。




  What is friendship? It is to relate with somebody without need for money or objective。 It is to need emotion and over wealth is friendship , no matter what their background , age , se-x or personality。

  Friendship can be pure。 We hear , nowdays, however, how one can be cheated by friends。 Many people get along with someone because they have a lot of money。 It is doultful that is real friendship。

  Having friends, one can be find happiness。 If you are in trouble your friends will help you through or at least fort you。 When you are happy , they share it with you。 They are also there for you to chat with at any time。

  It is a wonderful feeling, as the proverb says" to love each other is easy but to make frieds is hard", So, it is crutial that we should get along with our friends。 In my opinon ,it is a shame to deceive your friends 。 The world would be more beautiful if it was full of filled with friendship。


  Making friends is a skill like many other skills。 it improves with practice。 if you want to meet people and make friends, you must be willing to take some actions。 you must first go where there are people。 you won’t make friends staying home alone。 join a club or a group。 taking with those who like the same things as you do is much easier。 or join someone in some activities。 many people are nervous when talking to new people。 after all meeting strangers means facing the unknown。 and it’s human nature to feel a bit unfortable about the unknown。 most of our fears about dealing with new people e from doubts about ourselves。 we imagine other people are judging us of finding us too tall or to short, too this or too that。 but don’t forget that they must be feeling the same way。 try to accept yourself as you are and try to put the other person at ease。 you’ll both feel more fortable。

  Try to be self-fident even if you don’t feel that way。 when you enter a room full of strangers, such as a new classroom, walk tall and straight, look directly at other people and smile。

  If you see someone you like to speak to, say something 。 don’t wait for the other person to start a conversation。

  Just meeting someone new does not mean that you will make friends with that person-friendship is based on mutual liking and “give and take”。 it takes time and effort to develop。


  I have many friends。 One of them is my classmate Ma Hua。He is a League member and one of the best students in my class。He is fond of English and good at it。 He often practises reading aloud。 So he has a good pronunciation。


  He is always ready to help others。 With his help I have made great progress。 I have made up my mind to catch up with him and to join the League in the near future。



  Friendship is essential for the existence of society。 People live in munities and work in co-operation so that they could protect themselves from nature。 The successful acplishment of any task calls for support from many people。 It's the friends who are willing to help us。 Friendship is a guarantee of harmonious efforts。

  In the widest sense, all people are friends。 People live in a mon society, co-operating and helping each other directly or indirectly all the time。 From this respective, anyone could be a friend of others to a certain degree。 And it's this kind of friendship that makes society harmonious though petition is universal。

  A friend in need is a friend indeed。 Unfortunately, people are so plex in the modern society due to various reasons。 Sometimes, we don't really know who are our real friends。 Adversity is the touchstone of friendship。 That is to say, in hard times, it is easy for us to test whether the friendship is ture or not。 No matter what happens, a true friend will never leave you alone and will always be with you。





  my best friend

  I have not only a lot of mon friends, but also a special friend。 he is my father。 my father isn’t tall but he is very kind and lovely。 he usually helps me with my maths and physics in the evening。 at weekends he plays chess, cards with me。 when i am in trouble。 he always help me in time。 i prefer my father to any other friend。 i think he is not only a good father, but also one of my best friends。 i love my father very much。


  In my contact with all people, have their own friendship, have their own good friend。 I have not a good friend, however, has yet to get their own friendship。 Every day I live in a persons world, although the classmates will play with me, but I did not feel the taste of a friend。 Can ever since that happened after that one, I am very anxious to have a pure friendship。

  That is what happened in the five grade, there were two students in their relationship is very good, very deep friendship, brothers。 One day, xiao li due to illness can not to school, he also shed a lot of homework。 After his recovery, to school, because of absence from school, his grades plummet, from ninety something dropped to below 6 very fast, he is very upset。 After huang know, also very worried, because she know xiao li is due to absence from school result is bad, and now also graduating class, the only way is to her to give him make up a missed lesson。 So she went to help him with his homework after school every day。 She every day so, friendship is more valuable。

  There will always be paid what everyone, friends back to its previous state。 When he was asked why she wanted to help, she always said: "he is my good friend, as his friend, I cant help?"

  She said deeply branded in my mind, I came out from a cool environment, eager to get belongs to own the friendship, I have understood everything。 I want to, I can get your friendship!


  想念朋友 I Miss My Friend

  Last year, I went to Guilin for travel。 On the train, I felt so bored。 A girl who sat next to me was reading a book, which caught my attention。 I asked her about the book, I found that I had read it before and then we discussed about the novel。 We talked happily, when the train arrived, we got off together。 When we got aparted, we promised to keep in touch。 We municated by the puter。 Now a year has passed, we bee good friends and I miss her all the time。 She is a genuine friend。 I plan to go to Guilin again and then we will meet。



  My best friend and I get along with each other quite well。 But we are so different。 He is funnier, more outgoing than I am and i'm more serious。 He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am smarter on study。 My friend is wilder than me and I am calmer。 He is tall, thin, strong,with short hair, And sometimes he is very careless and lazy。 On the other hands, I am short, fat, weak, with shorthair。 He is very helpful because I am very lazy and don't want to do any sports。 And I will help him with his study。 From joozone。

  I think our friendship will last forever。




  My best Friend

  Everybody has a best friend that they can share everything with。I also have a best friend。We met in school,and we're in the same grade。

  My best friend is a good student because he is very hardworking。I learn a lot from him。He helps me with math;I help him with English。We always help each other。besides that,he's honest and reliable。I trust him pletely and we share secrets all the time。

  My best friend is also loyal and brave。Once when a bully teased me,he came to my rescue right away。He always remembers my birthday and he is fun to be with。He tells funny jokes and stories。He always makes me laugh。Finally,he is a very good listener and he knows how to cheer me up when I'm down。

  My best friend is really one of a kind。I hope we'll stay friends forever。


  Friendship is a kind of human relations。 It is a human instinct to make friends。When in trouble, we

  need friends to offer us help, support and encouragement。 With success achieved, we also need friends to share our joys。

  Friendship is also one of the greatest pleasures that we can enjoy。 It implies loyalty, cordiality, sympathy, affection,and readiness to help。 No man can make the most of his life without carefully and conscientiously striving to win the right kind of friends as he goes along。

  Knowing how valuable friendship is, we should be very careful in making friends。 Real friends are those who have good character, superior ability and kindness of heart。 Real friends can share all our sorrows and double all our joys。While making friends, we should take care to select those who have such fine qualities。 Then we should treat our friends with courtesy, be careful not to interfere unreasonably with them,and not to ridicule their proceedings。 We should forgive their failures and do our best to help them。 In short, when we have established friendship, we ought to cherish and treasure it by means of words and deeds。 Only thus, can we develop real friendship and keep the sacred lamp of friendship burning all our life。


  朋友的承诺 The Promise of a Friend

  I like to make friends, because I can talk to them and learn from them。 But the trustful friends are not easy to make。 Luckily, I have one。 His name is Li Hua。 We knew each other since we were five years old, and he is nice to me all the time。 Last week, I lent a book to Li Hua and he promised to return in a week, because I needed that book to finish my homework。 Today was the last day and I really needed that book to hand in my hometwork tomorrow。 I called Li Hua, but there was no one answered。 I must be criticized by my teacher for not finishing homework in time。 After dinner, Li Hua came to my house and returned the book。 He apologized and explained that his mother was sick。 I was so moved for he kept his promise。 He was a real friend。



  Friendship Friends play an important part in our lives,and although we may take friendship for granted,we often dont clearly understand how we make friends。While we get on well with a number of people,we are usually friends with only a very few----for example,the average among students is about 6 per person。In all the cases of friendly relationships,two people like one another and enjoy being together。but beyond that,the degree of intimacy between them and the reasons for the shared interests vary enormously。As we get to know people we take into account things like age,race ,economic conditions,social position,and intelligence。Although these factors are not of prime importance,it is more difficult to get on with people when there is a marked difference in age and background。

  Some friendly relationships can be kept on argument and discussion,but it is usual for close friends to have similar ideas and beliefs,to have attitudes and interests in men ---they often talk about being on the same wavelength 。it generally takes time to reach this point。And the more intimately involved people bee,the more they rely on one another 。people want to do friends favours and hate to break a promise。Equally,friends have to learn to put up with annoying habits and try to tolerate differencesof opinion。wWw。xiNgkooIn contrast with marriage ,there are no friendship ceremonies to strengthen the association between two persons。But the supporting and understanding of each other that results from shared experiences and emotions does seem to a powerful bond ,which can overe differences in background ,and break down barriers of age, class or race。


  朋友 Friends

  What's friends? Do you have friends? I have many friends, so I always feel happy。 In the morning, some of my friends will go to school with me。 We often talk and laugh on the way to school。 Sometimes we will stop to buy some snacks, school things and other stuff。 When I am in school, I always study with friends。 When I have something confusion, I will ask them to help。 So do they。 We help each other。 After class, we play together, and go to the shop to buy snacks。 They acpany me, so do I。 I think this is friends。



  I'm Sweet 。I am very glad to write for you。 Though my English is not vehy good ,I also want to try my best to write for you 。 I want to give you al my sweet ,In fact, my English name is Candy。 but there has already haven it 。So I just to write Sweet。In a word, I want to give sweet and make your life happier and happier 。

  I love a boy mang years ago。 but now we never talk with each other 。So I hope everybody read my passage can know a few things ,we are students , we should try our best to study。Everything except study is useless ,Maybe sometimes you will meet a boy (girl) ,you should keep distance for her and him 。It's good for you and him(her)。

  I hope you can think of friendship carefully。

  Above of all it's me give you best things , I hope you can read it by heart。

  I Love you, my best friends though it's my first time to write for you。


  My friend

  I have a good friend whoes English name is lisa。She is twelve years old and she is a very pretty girl。Everyone in our class including teachers like her,but I am her only best friend。We share everything we have and we nearly talk everything with each other。We both learn well,and we always learn together and help each other。She was very out-going and cute。She likes tell jokes and funny things。She likes smiling,you could always find simil blooming in her face。I like her not only because shind inside。Well that is my best friend。


  My cherish friendship

  Of our mixed life two quests are given control: food for the body, friendship for the soul。 Friendship, like colorful candy, always filled with the people。

  Friends can give you encouragement to overe the difficulties and bring brightness to your life。 Sometimes, you may extend your gratitude to them for their being there with you。

  Some people may forsake their friends in favor of money or power。 That's absolutely wrong。 You should know that money and power are temporary and that friends are everlasting 。That should be everyone's creed。 To me, without friends,I am nothing。

  There was a time when I was heart-broken。 My friends stood by me and offered continuous quantities of sympathy,encourage and love, which cheerd me up。 Then, I was aware that I was so blessed and lucky!

  In my opinion, no man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy。 I will cherish my friendship from the bottom of my heart。


  When we have something annoy us, we will naturally to find someone to talk about it, the first choice is friend。 We will not talk about it in front of our parents, because we don’t want them to worry about us。 Friend is so important in our life, we have many friends, we will share our happiness and sorrow with them, we hang out together, in a word, friends are part of our life。 What will happened if someone have no friend? We hear from the news that the crime people are isolated by others, most of them have no friends, their view point about the world is distorted。 Without friends, people have no where to relieve their emotion, the long time’s depression of the emotion distract people from the normal life。 So friends are very important, we can’t live without friends。