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  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇1

  My name is Winnie.Im a 15 years old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Ganzhou.

  Im an active,lovely and clever girl.In the school,my favourite subject is maths.Perhaps someone thinks its difficult to study well.But I like it.I belive that if you try your best,everything can be done well.

  I also sports very much.Such as,running,volleyball and so on.

  Im kind-hearted. If you need help,please come to me .

  I hope we can be good friends!

  OK.This is me .A sunny girl.

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇2
  Everyone has hobbies.Hobbies are the important things in our life.I also have hobbies.Next,let me tell you.

  Exercise is my one hobby.I love sport.The more exercise I do,The more healthier I have.After I have dinner,I often go for a walk with my sister on the streets,and when class is over,I usually play badminton with my friends.Sometimes I play ping-pong,too.So I think I live in a wonderful life.

  Reading is my the other hobby.In weekends,I often read some novels.Such as《Jane Love》。《Zhao Hua Xi She》and so on.That can make me improve my Chinese.

  This is my hobbies.If you have hobbies,you can exchange with me.

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇3
  Different people have different hobbies.For example,someone likes reading,someone likes swimming and someone likes collecting and so on.

  I used to read books and draw pictures because by reading books I could learn many funny things.But now I dont like it.I can only learn from books.I couldnt get knowledge from others.I need a change.Traveling is my favorite hobby now.But I cant go traveling a lot.I can visit many different places of interest by traveling.I can learn a lot about people,places and history.Its very interesting.What is your hobby?Lets share each other!

  I have many good friends.They all have their hobbies.Ann studies very hard.So her hobby is book reading.Tony loves labour,and his hobby is gardening.He usually plants flowers and trees in his yard.Judy is a quiet girl.She likes knitting.She always knits some sweaters for her dolls.We have different hobbies,but we are good friends.

  I love traveling.I have great fun in traveling.

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇4
  Hello! My name is Chen Danqing. My English name is Joy. Im 14 years old. Im a happy girl. I have a happy family. My father and my mother are both office workers. Theyre busy. But at weekends, they always cook nice food for me. Im happy in the family. I love my parents and they love me very much.

  Im a student at Dongzhou Middle School. It is very big and beautiful. There are many classroom buildings and office buildings. Besides the buildings, there is a big playground. After school, there are lots of boys playing basketball on it. I think they are happy. There are a lot of flowers and trees in my school. They are beautiful. I like my school. In my school, I have many friends. All my friends are polite and helpful. My friends are all nice to me. They can make me happy. So I like playing with them.

  My hobbies are listening to music and reading. I like pop music very much. I dislike sports because Im not strong. Its hard for me.

  I have a happy family, a beautiful school and many nice friends. I enjoy every day.

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇5
  Hello,my English name is Janice,my Chinese name is Fu Xiao Tong.I m ten years old,I m live in GuangZhou ji nan hua yuan.

  I have a one brother and one sister.Everyone Loves us.But they often compare my brother and sister with me.This makes me angry.I don t want to be like my brother and sister.I only want to be myself.

  I like skipping,But good at skipping.I m friendly.If you need help,please come to me.I ll help you.I hope we can be good friends.

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇6
  Hello, My mame is Ada. I am 11 years old. I am a quiet girl. I study in Lin Pu No.1 Primary School. My favourite food is ice cream. It’s sour. My favourite teacher is art teacher. My favourite class is art class. My favourite animal is squirrels. My favourite drink is juice. My favourite fruit is strawberries, because it’s sour.I am helpful at home. I can sweep the floor, cook the meals, clean the bedroom, water the flowers, empty the trash, set the table, make the bed, do the dishes, wash the clothes and put away the clothes.

  Can you be my friend ?



  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇7
  I am a very naughty boy. Do you want to know my features and look? Then come and have a look! I stood in front of the mirror and saw my image in the mirror: 1. 5 meters tall, with a small crew head, black hair shiny. A pair of small eyes, flashing light. Round and small face, sweet smile, exposed two rows of small white teeth, full of love for life. This is me -- a pupil of grade 5.

  My favorite sport is running. I remember once when we had our PE lesson, the teacher asked us to run. I had a bad fall when running, then I know how to practice is not wrestling. So my favorite sport is running.

  I remember once in the play, see a birds nest in the tree, I went to the woods, clinging to the branches, slowly push up, suddenly thought: if I accidentally fell off? When I was ready to take the bird egg, suddenly a bird to peck me, my hand clutching his head, hand to catch a bird, accidentally slipped and fell on his back. Luckily, the tree was not very tall, so I didnt hurt myself.

  Do you know my features and look? My naughty child, do you like it?

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇8
  Good morning,ladies and gentlemen. I am Tracy from Guangzhou Huamei International School. I am a shiny girl. My family love me and I love then too. Do you know how help at home? Let me tell you about that.

  My mom works very hard every day. She comes home very late in the evening. Usually my dad cooks for us. Sometimes I help my dad to wash the vegetables. Sometimes I set the table. I always wash the dishes when we finish eating. After I finish my homework I often water the flowers. I also look after my pet fish. I feed the fish before I go to bed.

  I really enjoy helping my parents at home. Do you think I an a helpful girl? I think so!

  Thank you!





  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇9
  Hello, everybody! My name is Michael. Im a happy boy. Because I laugh everyday. I have a big family. There are three people in my family, my mother, my father and I. My parents are managers and Im a student. I study in Grade Seven, Class Eleven, Dongzhou Middle School. Its a nice place. There are many students in my class. I have a good teacher, Miss Jiang. My favorite lessons are English and Math. I like dogs very much. I have only one dog. Its name is Doudou. Its a pretty dog.

  Oh, I forgot to tell you something about my old friend. His name is Tad. His hobby is playing basketball. So he is taller and stronger than I. He has two big eyes and long hair. He is my best friend.

  This is me, a happy boy!

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇10
  Hello, my name is XiangChen, I’m 12 years old. I’m in YiChang foreign language experiment primary school. I’m in class 2.

  I have two big eyes and I have many beauty spot. My ear is small and my hands is small too.

  I like play computer and I also like read books. My hobby is keeping a diary. My favorite food is chicken. My favorite toy is teddy bear.

  On weekdays I get up at 7:05.I get to school at 7:15.I eats breakfast at 8:00. Our class is over at 5:00. I get home at 5:10. I do my homework first. I have supper at 6:00.Then I watch TV for half an hour. I usually watch Dafengche on TV. At 9:00 I go to bed. I like my life very much.

  This is me. Do you like me?

  介绍我自己的英语作文 篇11
  I am a lively little boy, is a medium, not fat and thin body, hair is a roll, a pair of small eyes translucent.

  I like running! I claim to be running first in my class! On one occasion, my father and I raced, and when I was full of power, I rushed forward. I didnt go to the finish line a few times. My father was still running slowly behind me, and my father ran too slowly!

  I also like playing badminton very much! Although I do not often play, but I still love, once, my father and I play badminton, Dad too much, dad was playing a ball, I didnt catch, but I want to beat my dad, I strive for progress with determination, several ball father did not catch, two to one I win!

  I also like playing football very much! On one occasion, I played several flying balls. I almost got kicked. Once again, I kicked the ball with all my strength. My father didnt defend himself. Did I enjoy playing football very much?

  When I grow up, I want to be a mathematician. My advantage is that I can do things fast and run fast. My shortcoming is: the writing is not good, the acute son!

  This is me, a love of running, playing football, playing badminton, ideal for me, and I will fight for my ideal!

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