my friend英语作文

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my friend英语作文

my friend英语作文1
  I have many good friends,Lily is one of the best.We play together since we two were very young. She is such a pretty girl that when people meet her,they always pat her little head and say,"Oh,how lovely!"Lily is also very brave.I remember one evening two weeks ago,mom sent me to buy some salt and sugar downstair.When I was back on the darksome stairway,I suddenly saw a black shadow behind me,was that a ghost?I was so frightened that I cried "God!"At that very moment,Lily come,she rush at the shadow and shouted to it loudly till it disappeared,then we ran home safely...

  Maybe you have already get it,yes,Lily is my dog,--my best friend,I love her.

my friend英语作文2
  I have a good friend.her name is lisa.she is 10 years old.she has two big eyes and a small nose.she is kind and pretty.she is a student.her favourite color is pink.her favourite food is sandwich.she likes cats very much.because it is very cute.she also likes dogs.she lives on a farm. she favourite place is Los Angeles.she also likes Malibu.she likes run very much.she likes art class.ahe is good at art. she goes to school by car.

  Ilove my friend.I wish our friendship forever.Do you have a friend.please, tell me.