my best friend英语作文(通用6篇)

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my best friend英语作文(通用6篇)

  my best friend英语作文 篇1
  My best friend is called Tom.He is 14 years old.He is a handsome boy.He is tall and has a medium build.His hair is short black and straight.We always play together.

  He is friendly and funny boy.He always helps others.When I get into a trouble he always helps me.That is my best friend Tom.


  my best friend英语作文 篇2
  Li Ming is my best friend,who grows up with me. We have been friends for six years since we were in primary school. We have many in commons. For example,we both like playing football and watching sport games.

  Besides,we like cartoons and we always watch cartoon programs together. We play football very often. After class,we do not go home but play football with classmates. We usually have great time. However,we still pay much attention on study,because it’s our priority. We help each other in study and make progress together.

  To some extend,we are families.


  my best friend英语作文 篇3
  I have many friends,but Jim is one of my best friends. He is not handsome,but kind-hearted. We know each other at primary school. He was the tallest in our class at that time. He is good at study and playing basketball,while bad at playing table tennis. Everytime he has delicious food,he will give it to me.

  Moreover,whenever I feel sad,he will play with me and comfort me. However,he is not spoilt me. For example,everytime I meet difficulties in study,I would like to copy his,but no matter what I say,he never give his homework to me to copy. Instead he teaches how to do it. All in all,no matter what difficulties I meet,he will help me.

  It is him make me realize that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


  my best friend英语作文 篇4
  I have many friends,since I go to kindergarten,I make friends now and then,but my friend is Li Ming. He is a boy,he lives next to me,we go to school everyday,we also play together.

  His family is very nice,they give me food when I go to ask Li Ming,my parents likes Li Ming,too. Li Ming and I are friends forever.


  my best friend英语作文 篇5
  I have many friends,but my best friend is Li Hua,she is a girl,we get to know each other when I am four. Now I am ten years old,Li Hua is also the same age with me,we have been together for seven years.

  We share happiness and sorrow,I will tell her my secret and she will also tell me her secret. We will be best friends forever.


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