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  Everyone has their own hobbies, or more or less. My hobby, countless have to ride a bicycle. To draw. To swim. Ice skating. Collect waste batteries and so on. My biggest hobby is painting... Began as a child, mother will give I signed up for painting, I was a happy to hear that one of my hobbies jump three feet high. From crayons to gouache, gouache to sketch, everything I learn very seriously. A chance, let I found the "comic" this type of book:

  One day, my mother and I went shopping, after the bookstore, I found that the cabinet with a row of neatly on the book Cover my hobbies are painting, I asked mother, "mom what book is this?" my hobby "this ah, this is a comic book." Mother said slowly. "Comic books? Mom, I want to. My hobby," "good for you to buy a book."

  At home, I was eager to break wrapping paper, opened the first page. Is a beautiful girl, his hair is blue, there is a cherry small mouth, a oil bright eyes, as if to look at me, look at me the stranger. I took out a pen, word and drawing up, I wiped and painting, painting brush again. Finally, I draw it out, although the picture is not like my hobbies, but I still like drawing very much, didn't want to give up the idea of my hobby. Still determined to do cartoonist, draw some cartoons are good for us.

  As the growth of the age, I know much more knowledge, one day, my mom told me, let me learn to draw, not just because I want to paint pictures, but let me learn to persevere. Mom to let me learn to persevere, so always let me painting painting now.

  Mom well-meaning I will remember in heart, so I also identified a goal - to grow up I want to make a cartoonist!


  一天,我和妈妈去逛街,经过书店的时候,我发现在柜子上摆放着一排整整齐齐地书 我的爱好 ,封面都是画,我就问妈妈,“妈妈这是什么书呀?我的爱好”“这啊,这是一本漫画书啊。”妈妈不紧不慢地说。“漫画书啊?妈妈,我想要。我的爱好”“好这就给你去买 一本。”





  My hobby many, many, like the sea, colorful shells, which I picked up a colorful shells, inside is my favorite hobby - painting.

  I don't like before painting. Is an art class teacher took a red chalk and a white chalk, on the blackboard brush two will draw a picture. We did not even blink eyes, the teacher is good. So the students not only amazing, "ah! So beautiful!" I asked the teacher, "what about you draw so well?" The teacher said: "as long as practice much, you also can draw so well." I nodded, determined, later must practice more, also want to draw so well.

  On one occasion, I saw a picture of a bird in the painting books, the authors draw lifelike. I want to copy it down. An hour passed, however, couldn't copy, and hands and eyes are very sore. I really want to give up, but I think the teacher told us to do something to stick to not give up, so I bullet, continue copying. About 30 minutes, my painting accomplished finally. I carefully with a scroll painting contrast, yi, in addition to the bird's eyes, not the rest of the parts is better. A bright smile on my face.

  Drawing makes me very happy! It enriched my after school life, make my life more beautiful, more endless happiness! I love to draw.